Tells the Story – Poem By: Rania F. E.


The scars on my fingers – says – how hard the work is
the roughness of my skin – says – how dry the air is
the throbbing of my feet – says – how standing for long is
the ache of my back – says – how heavy lifting is

the wrinkles on my face – says – how growing older is
the darkness under my eyes – says – how lack of sleep is
the expansion of my hips – says – how unhealthy dieting is
the sadness I feel – says – how away from home is
the trauma in my ears – says – how flying sick is
the grey in my hair – says – how stress is
the tears I cry – says – how being hurt is

the changes I experience – says – how unpredictable life is
the determination I have – says – how being strong is
the moments I enjoy – says – how living to the fullest is
the happiness I feel – says – how being in love is


the pain I live  – says – no matter where I go, what I do, or who I am with;

the reality is; my journey must be lived.


Rania F. E.


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