In My Heart – Poem By: Rania F. E.

-To the man I loved and still love today
-I may not be there to see you or touch you everyday
-But in my heart I feel you and that’s a fact I must say
-I think of all the laughter and happiness you brought my way
-Saying the words I love you was all you had to say
-My heart would melt for you and my troubles all went away

-Being away hasn’t changed the way I feel for you by the way
-I stop and think of you a million times a day
-The sun that shines on me is a reminder you are not that far away
-It’s the same sun I looked upon when you held me yesterday
-And when the sun goes down I think of you and in my heart I pray
-That you haven’t forgotten me or the love we shared one day

-My love I just wanted to tell you that in my heart you will always stay.


Rania F. E.

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