Travelling Spoils and Humbles

I admit that my experience of travelling has spoiled me dramatically. Yet, among the things I have seen and moments I lived, it humbled me more than I could ever imagine. Truly, it’s amazing that one thing can have two opposite effects at the same time. Travelling for me; it enriched me with many valuable lessons. In the end, I conclude that it spoiled me a lot yet humbled me to the highest degree.

I got to see beautiful places. I got to live in magical moments. There were times I stood there starring in awe. And I wondered for a few seconds, Am I really here?! Am I truly living this moment. Damn I feel so lucky that I got to live this. And damn, the day will come when I will no longer have this privilege.

I travelled the world you could say. I travelled to most of the continents. I visited some of the most famous historical places in the world; wonders of the world, natural wonders, best holiday spots of the world. I got to see some hidden gems in various locations. Things that not too many people know about. I took pictures right in front of these places, in them, on top of them. I looked at those places, I touched them, I smelled them. I walked in places I could only dream of. I visited holy places. I was close enough to be in one country and I am few steps away from the border of another. I was in the vicinity of a war zone. I witnessed protesters in a few countries. I got in touch with nature, the real wilderness at times. I stood in a middle of a rice field. I was in a small boat canoeing inside caves. I visited lots of museums. I came across many UNESCO heritage sites.

I lived some really amazing moments. I watched the sunrise from a hot balloon over a view many would envy me for. I saw the Milky Way from the window of a plane. I went snorkeling in one of the most beautiful oceans. I jumped from boats into deep blue water. I saw the northern lights from the plane. I walked on many streets by day and by night. I crossed beautiful bridges. I climbed mountains. I went up to the highest point of a dormant volcano. I’ve went up in the highest towers of the world. I have seen some of the most magical views of cities from the best look out points.

I took in the character of every city I stepped foot in. I was touched by the poverty of some countries. I overcame my fear as I was visiting a wild animal safari park; looking at the lion and making eye contact with a tiger. I petted a baby lion and I touched a kangaroo. I stood right in front of a big cobra as it looked right into my eyes. I sat in an Arabic tent and I had the famous Arabic coffee and dates. I’ve eaten some very interesting dishes. And I’ve had beers from all over the world.

I’ve been on many tours. I’ve met many random people on my travels and I made several friends along the way. Some of them became so close to me, I can’t imagine how. I’ve travelled in many types of transportation; I’ve been on planes; of course, trains, buses, boats of all kinds: cruise ship, ferry-boat, big boat, small boat, yacht, catamaran, canoe boat .. you name it.

I visited more than one city in the same country. I act as a tourist with my camera ready for pictures as well as I got to experience how the local live. I got to learn their currency and keep a few for souvenirs. I got to ride their public transportation and shop in their supermarkets. I got to try different cuisines as my stomach and finicky taste can handle. Some of which, I would never eat again. I brought back memorabilia’s, some to hang on the wall and some to place on the table. My collection grew with time until it got out of hand, I had to control my purchases.

Above all, it is the memories that will stay with me that will matter the most. I brought back the experience of a lifetime. The memory of a life I lived that seemed to be only a dream. But how could it be I was dreaming for all those years. Years that passed in which I grew and changed as an individual. Years that passed that now I look back on, and I cherish them dearly. As they may have been the best years of my life. Who knows where life can take me. I never knew I would go on this road. But here I am, once again, having to start my life all over again. As I put my life of travelling behind me and focus on building a stable and fulfilling life. A life, where travel will continue to be part of it, but not the main part of it.

Indeed; travelling spoiled me. But I have no doubt it humbled me. And I am a better person today because of this wonderful journey I have been on for as long as I have. I thank God and the universe for bringing it my way. This was all possible, because I was open to it. I will forever be grateful for every beautiful moment, for every tear I shed, for every smile I had, for every friend I made, for every person I loved, and for every lesson I learned. I am truly humbled.

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