Divided Attention

We all have things in our lives that we focus on more than others. And naturally so. You could be after accomplishing a goal or after the person of your dreams or after obtaining the best the world has to offer. And while it’s totally fine that you pursue your dreams and go after your goals, don’t loose sight of what’s truly important in your life; what you do have. Don’t allow your attention to get so divided that you can’t seem to appreciate the little things, the present moment and the current people in your life, for the bigger things, the future and the people you wish to have in your life.

Who you have in your life today are there because it was meant to be. Those who will enter your life in the future will come at the time you need them to be; not a minute more and not a minute less. And those who will disappear from your life whether with reason or no reason will also happen as it is meant to be. People are there in your life either as reason, season or lifetime – just as we have read. Life teaches us just that.

Likewise, with materials and with goals. Just like people, things come and go at the time you need them to. You accomplish your goals as you grow and understand yourself better and the world you live in. And all in due time. And all in harmony and sincronisity. That’s just the way it is. Whether one day you see it that way or not. Life is in continuous motion with all its laws and conditions. The sun comes up every morning and the night comes upon us with it’s magical moon and stars.

But let’s be honest; where is our attention going most of the times? Isn’t it on the things we want to have or accomplish. We sit and pray and ask God to make our wishes come true. Or we sit and meditate about it. Or we just sit and plan things according to what we want to happen and calculate every move and every dollar. We make a plan and a back up plan to the plan. And we sit and dream about this day, where we finally have what we desire. Our attention is on the future for what will be. And that is how many of us live today.

How many of us live with their attention on what is present. On who you have today in your life. Regardless of age, at some point in your life, you will have parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, children; …. Family. Do you take the time to spend it with them. Do you tell them you love them every chance you get. Do you let them know they are important in your life through your actions – not just words. Do you truly recognize those precious moments when your family is gathered in one place. When laughter is all you can hear in the room. When the power of love is evident in each and every person present. Do you stop and think about those times and do you know that every one of those moments will never come back. Do you?

Well, I hope you do. And I hope you see that nothing can substitute another. And money does not give you happiness. It’s just means to an end. Family needs your presence between them. And friends need you in the tough times as much as in fun times. And those who love you will tell you when you have strayed. And those whom you love you will let them be free to be who they are.

Our attention is divided on many things. We cannot have our attention on one thing. Because our lives are composed of all of those things. And that is ok. Let your attention be divided, but divide it fairly on who and what it deserves. Let your attention be divided, but let it be divided on the present moment, the here and now. Let your attention be divided, you divide it the way it feels right to you, not as someone else wants. Let it be divided, no matter what you try, it will remain so.

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