Ever notice the similarities between driving and life itself. Ever get into a zone where you observe every move like it’s a movie and as it is playing out, you see yourself as the car you are driving. Well, I have. I have seen it several times. I have connected with the vehicle I was driving so much that I felt this was Me living my life and everything that comes my way are the exact same thing.

Here you are driving in your lane trying to get to your destination. You may be on time constraint or you may be cruising along. As you drive, you have to adjust your speed according to either the traffic or the speed limit in the area. At times you may need to make a lane change. Sometimes you have to change lanes even if temporary so you can go back to the same lane. You may have a slow car infront or a stopped car for whatever reason. In short, your way was blocked and it was slowing you down. So you found a solution and now you are back on track.

Often times, we hate it when a truck changes lanes and comes infront of us. It forces its way through and you have to let it, else, you will damage your car; so in order to avoid any damage or further delays, you accept the current situation of being slowed down until you find your way around it. And eventually you do, either the truck turns somewhere or changes lanes. And you are free once again. The obstacle has solved itself. All you had to do is be patient. And a lot of that is required if you are catching every red light. You can’t seem to flow with a series of green. You wonder, is this is a conspiracy? But you have no choice but to deal with it. You are forced to stop and go, stop and go; until you get used to it. Might as well be listening to some good music so you can pass the time in peace. Better yet, sing along and dance while listening. Why not? Who cares who is watching. Have fun. Who said you have to be serious when driving. Just be safe.

Once again, you continue on your road and you may take highways along your journey, in which you have to merge with the traffic and adjust your speed as needed. You may have a smooth drive or you may have to do a lot of maneuvering and changing lanes until you find a way through traffic. Sometimes it makes no sense there was a hold up. When you get ahead of the traffic, you are expecting to find the source of the delay. But to your surprise, there is nothing. So it must have been a bit of congestion in that particular spot. And you move on.

It feels good when you get ahead of the traffic. As a matter of fact, the joy you get when you are faster than everybody is something that can’t be described. You push that gas peddle and you feel like you are flying. That’s when you get a much powerful vehicle that comes out of nowhere and beats you. You get put in your place very quick and you are reminded once again of what you are driving.

Never mind the power of the vehicle, you are still managing to get to the destination you want. And that’s what matters. How long it takes to get you there, doesn’t also matter. As long as you gave yourself ample time to reach at the time desired. Planning your route and calculating the time required is just as essential as making sure you have enough gas to get you there. Being prepared is good. But you can’t prepare for everything. Expect that the road you are taking might get blocked, or might get slower at certain points. You may take a detour and you may take longer than anticipated to reach. In the end, you will reach. But the journey you take until then, is a mystery.

Your journey is unique to you. You and only you, experienced that drive from beginning to end. No one has the right to judge your driving. You know how to drive, right!? And no one should be telling you which road to take. You decide. You are behind the wheels. If you feel safe, make that turn. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s all about you. You are in control when you are driving your vehicle. And it is exactly the same with life. All this applies to living our lives. Make the comparison and see the similarities, it will freak you out. How interesting Driving can be that educational.

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