‘Tis the season of fall, as I drive around I am mesmerized by the gorgeous colours of trees on the road. Each one has its beauty. The different colours all matching together. They are all in harmony. Each tree is there at the perfect place and is the perfect colour. Whether it’s fading out the green into a yellow-green, or if it is this golden yellow colour all on its own or a mix of yellow and orange in the same tree or just a bright orange or a full red tree.

In awe I am, watching the trees as I pass by from one traffic light to the next. I am surrounded by natural beauty. Something I have really missed so I stop from time to time on the side of the road to take in this beauty. My encounter with this fall experience hasn’t been this intense for several years. I realized how we take things for granted sometimes, until we lose it. I feel rejuvenated during this time of the year. It’s been my favourite season of all 4 seasons for quite some time now. And as the years go by, I have come to know why.

There has been studies and talks about how this time of the year brings about depression to some people. The days get shorter and the weather is much colder. People spend more time indoors. Their outdoor activities are cut down dramatically. Of course this varies depending on where you are geographically. So if you live in one of those places where you get to truly experience the 4 seasons. You might get to experience ‘the blues’.

“Fall can bring on more than beautiful colours, cooler temperatures and shorter days – the shift in weather can lead to a dip in mood and energy.” Joanne Richard – theweathernetwork.com

As for me, I take this time to notice my surroundings, to be aware of the changes taking place in the weather, in nature, in people’s behaviors and most of all; myself. I notice how my body feels, and I pay attention to my sleep cycles and my mood swings. I become more aware when I sit still and just observe without any judgment. I don’t look at it as a bad thing or a good thing. It just is. At least that’s my choice on how to handle the changes through this particular season. A time for me to let go of the old; as the leaves change colours, withering away. Eventually they will fall to the ground and fly in the strong winds; going back to its source. And so will I, I will go through changes and I will be just fine.

“Depending on your personal bent, that experience of awe may leave you feeling emotionally moved or spiritually connected to god or the cosmos. Like the leaves, the feeling may fade quickly. But the memory persists, enriching your life in ways that may last long after the final leaf has fallen.” Linda Wasmer Andrews – psychologytoday.com

There are several articles out there you can read to understand your changes better and to be assured, you are not alone. Sometimes we think we are going crazy. But when you educate yourself, you will feel peace knowing how normal your feelings are. And how natural everything is.

Some of us truly enjoy this season and welcome it with open arms. While some may just want it to pass so they can get to winter time and enjoy the fun it brings in their lives. Or even counting the months until spring comes or just passing the time until that hot summer day returns. This is all good and well too. Each person resonates with what feels right to them. The bottom line is; seasons come and go.

“In autumn, we are preparing ourselves to be reborn with the new year. This is a time of turning inward and we begin exploring our “underground”-selves–our dreams and our intuitive powers.” Erin Bruce – Theseasonsoul.com

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