How do we comprehend the term conditioning? I am talking about behavioral conditioning. There were several theories and experiments done by some of the most famous philosophers and thinkers. Edward Thorndike and Pavlov to name the few. Their work and research has influenced our educational curriculum and disciplinary guidelines. Conditioning has become so natural in our day-to-day life that it may go unrecognized. This can be dangerous at times, because if used incorrectly, the damage may be irreversible.

Conditioning comes in different shapes and forms. Theory is one thing. What happens in real life is another. Some things may relate to the theory. But you never really think of the theory. What you got is what’s in front of you. At least that’s my take on the subject. My personal opinion so to speak. Perhaps you agree or you may have a different point of view. All in all, it’s all about how we perceive things based on the knowledge we came across and our personal experiences.

The reason I discuss such a complex subject at this time is because it’s been on my mind lately. As I observe people’s behaviors and as I analyze the situations I witness, I have come to realize that we are all conditioned in some form or another. Which brings me to my next point. Not everything you have been conditioned to is in fact right or good for you. So it is wise to stop and think about every little thing we do and say; and find out where it came from and why. Allow yourself to dissect everything in your life so you can truly know if you are happy with it or if you wish to change it.

I am not saying rebel against everything just because you can. It’s not a war here I’m just saying: ‘Be Aware’. ‘Think’. ‘Feel’. It’s easy to follow, and it’s harder to lead. So what if you are different from the rest. So what if you stand out in doing what you feel is right for you. Have no fear, your behavioral conditioning can be changed if you make that choice.

Our society and culture has been a huge part of our conditioning. And just because everyone around you is doing and saying those things, doesn’t always mean it’s right. So yes, stop and question. No harm in asking questions. The harm, however, will be if you just follow blindly and live your whole life never knowing where the truth really is!!

I allowed myself to read and educate myself. I think, I analyze and I allow myself to feel. If it feels right to me, I will adopt this behavior, if it doesn’t, I change it. Simple. You can do the same too. Just try.

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