So Miss Me – Poem BY: Rania F. E.


I know you are hurting
And I know you are down
You probably blame me
And stay in denial

It’s never your fault
It’s always been mine
I’m the crazy one
Making up stories
That’s what you say
Every time you lied

You don’t see your weakness
It’s too much for you to bare
It’s better for you to cover up
And live in a pool of lies

So now I’m gone my love
And never going back
I’ve given you all chances
You threw them behind your back

Why oh why you had to do that
A shelter you had,
Destroyed with your destructive hands
A comfort you felt,
Denied with your selfish needs
A love you nurtured
Dissolved with your careless acts
Now who is to blame
Now that I’m gone
What more can you say

So miss me, cry for me
Feel the pain I felt
You will think of me, remember me
Wish I never left
As time passes you will forget me
That’s how love stories end
So I loved you and you loved me
Look what happened in the end.

Rania F. E.

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