Under the Palm Tree – POEM BY: Rania F. E.


Under the palm tree
I sit and contemplate with me
How did I get to be
The one that’s sitting here with me
Perhaps it’s time that I see
The light dimmed within me

By the shore of the big blue sea
I find myself immersed in deep
As I sip my cup of hot tea
I daze in the stillness I want to keep
Suddenly I discover I have the key
The answer lies in the moment I decide to leap

As I’m having breakfast in tranquility
Sun is shining so brightly
Trees branches dancing vigorously
All in sight a beautiful synchronicity
Can’t help but wonder, what is this telling me
Never have I felt this incredible serenity

Why oh why God, must I be faced with my reality
Although painful it is when you recognize your duality
Blissful it becomes when you know your identity


Rania F. E.

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