Since the day you were born, you found yourself restricted. As you started to comprehend what’s going on, you found yourself abiding by so many rules. And it only gets worse as you get older and pass from one stage to the next. Just when you think you got it all figured out, you find yourself stuck in more rules, laws, dos & don’ts and don’t you dare. If for once you built up the courage to think of breaking free, or even say No; your punishment is waiting for you. You will pay the price dearly. So you would learn that conforming is the best way to live. Following the rules is better for you. Otherwise, your life will be hell. That’s the society we live in Ladies and Gentlemen.

House rules were the first rules you were introduced to. You had to respect it and follow it. Mostly it was for your safety and well-being. Then you were introduced to school rules which was for you to be disciplined and to teach you what it tastes like to be out in the real world. Now that you left your comfort zone of being around people that loved you and cared for you, you are now left to fend for yourself. And the set of rules seem to get harder as you go from pre-school all the way to college. By then you had broken a few rules. Ok, let’s be honest, in your teenage years, a lot of rules were broken and it felt so good to do it; didn’t it?

Let’s think here for a second, why did you break those rules at those times? What was your motivation behind that?? Wasn’t it because you questioned the logic behind the rule? And most of the times aren’t we questioning ‘but why?’ All we ever wanted is to understand the purpose behind the rule or the law. Give me an explanation – reason with me here. Who decided this was the way it should be and to whose benefit? And why should I follow a rule that yesterday was the best idea and today you changed it saying that this one was the best idea. How do I know that by tomorrow you won’t change the rule again to a so-called “better idea”. So why have I been following that not so good idea all this time anyway?? Why am I even letting someone else dictate how I should be living my life. All these rules. Half of them don’t even make sense. But why do we even have rules.

Rules in school, rules at work, rules on the road, restaurant rules, your parents rules, your girlfriend/boyfriend rules … what’s left?? There are rules existing for everything in our day to day life. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till the moment you go to bed; rule after rule after rule. Even when you start dreaming, you dream of rules. What a life is this?!

‘Rules are made to be broken’ – right?! Maybe not. Let’s be honest rules were made because people’s behaviour were so reckless and destructive to themselves that in order to save humanity from itself, rules are there to help do just that. But not all rules are good. Some rules are there as a way of controlling people. Yes. And not all rules are bad. These rules are the ones that are in place for your safety and well-being. Recognize the difference between the two types of rules. There are times when you wish this rule was not there because it doesn’t apply to you. But it applies to someone else who needs this rule. Not that the success rate is 100%. Wrong doing will still occur but it might be less with the rule in place.

You get to decide for yourself which rule makes sense and which doesn’t. What are the implications of breaking the rule. Are you being destructive? Are you being simply rebellious? Or are you being an individual who chooses to think for themselves? Which Rule-breaker are you?

You always have a choice. Even if the choice is to harm others or yourself. It’s a choice nonetheless. You can conform with everything life throws your way. You can break every rule and go against everything. Or you can recognize the benefits of some rules in place and at the same time be free to be yourself. You don’t have to abide by every rule. Use your judgment. Do what’s best for you. Don’t allow yourself to live in fear and be obsessed with following and conforming.

You are an individual who have the right to be who you are, live as you wish and use your own brain to make your own choices. If people around you enjoy conforming, so let them. Accepting certain realities is not necessarily a weakness. Knowing the difference between what you can control and what you cannot is absolute strength. Make a change today. Enough Conforming and start Being.

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