Wedding Day

The special day that every girl/woman dreams of.  And the annoying day that most boys/men want to get it over with. How funny that from the beginning, they already see things differently. Yet they are supposed to be building a life together on the same foundation in order to grow stronger together. The Wedding day means different things to everyone involved. And that is a known reality.

You would think this is a special day for the couple getting married. And it is so theoretically. However, in reality, this day ends up the most nerve-wrecking, problem-solving, most stressful, longest day for the bride and groom. The least two who get to enjoy that day is the Bride and Groom. They somehow get caught up in dramas that may arise involving their guests, the wedding hall, the food, the photographer, the dancer … etc. Imagine, the person who is supposed to deliver your wedding cake can’t be located. Where is my wedding cake? The bride’s bouquet is the wrong order. Oh my. The Limo was late which delayed the whole ceremony. This guest has a problem with the people sitting at their table, they want to move tables. “Oh Lord, please give me the patience and let this day pass in peace”; says the Groom. You get the picture.

They seem to be putting out fires more than flaming their own fire if you get what I mean. And that can get really exhausting and may even be a downer for the wedding night. They may have no energy for any romance when they finally get to be alone. They might just crash on the bed with their clothes on. That’s how tired they were. It catches up to them. It’s not only the events of the actual day, but it’s all the months of preparations especially the last few days. So much to do and so much nerves on edge. Everyone is putting in their two cents, makes you want to scream and say “Damn it, I’m cancelling the wedding”.

Let’s not even mention the role the parents play in adding more pressure on their son and daughter. They want to invite their friends, their co-workers, their neighbors. “Mom, Dad, it’s our wedding, we decided it will be close family and friends only, we can’t afford all these people; we don’t even know them”; says the bride or groom. “But dear, we were invited to their children’s weddings. How will it look if we don’t invite them. They might get upset”: says the mother. And that’s just one issue the bride and groom may come across from the planning stage of their wedding. It doesn’t feel that exciting anymore. It almost feels like ‘why are we even doing it’.

The anticipated day finally arrives. Most probably the bride and groom are so nervous, neither slept well the night before. They don’t remember when the last time they ate something. In addition, they got all the last minute preparations. All the grooming and looking your best. The tux, the dress, the hair, the makeup. Got the rings? Check. The mixed emotions that you are running through. And then you stop and think for a moment: “Hey, I’m getting married today”. That alone can make you faint.

There is so much going on around you. You are surrounded by so many people, you don’t have a moment to yourself to digest what’s actually happening. You seem to be running on adrenaline at this point. So you go through the motions. And only when you are alone behind closed doors at the end of the night, after all the partying, dancing and drinking; it hits you: “We are married. This was our Wedding Day!! And I wouldn’t change a thing about it, because it’s Our Day.”


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