Corona Effect – positives & negatives Part 2

I went for a long drive needing some fresh air and a change in scenery. I met no one. I spoke to no one. But I was amazed at the number of cars on the road at this time. If everyone is supposed to be staying home and social distancing. If only essential businesses are operating. Then what are all those cars doing on the road. Perhaps they are like me, taking a drive and breathing in some fresh air.

Along my leisurely drive, I passed through unfamiliar roads. I allowed my instincts to lead me. I had no plan and no direction. For the first time in a long time, I had no destination and I had no time limit. I just drove and turned as my intuition led me. I ended up taking some beautiful pictures. Nothing extraordinary, but I found myself mesmerized by the simple beauty of nature. My goal became evident as I was driving, I needed to find the perfect spot to park and start writing this article.

I had no idea what I wanted to say or what message I wanted to achieve. Once again, I was led by my intuition. I just started writing and everything flowed like magic. Here I am, sitting in my truck, with a gorgeous view of a partially frozen pond, and a charming red barn in a distance. It’s a private property, and I hope the owners are not bothered by my presence. I believe in my heart I was led to this place to write my piece and I will be on my way.

Photo by Rania F. E.

As I sit and contemplate, I become more aware of our dilemma. The world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The initial stages were probably the toughest. As time passes, we endure one stage after the next, learning as we go. Equally, an individual is affected as much as the whole country.

The first stage of handling this Virus was perhaps denial. We didn’t want to believe that such a dramatic event is occurring. We down-played and underestimated it. Some of us thought we were invincible. Even to the point of thinking, “oh well, let me just catch the sickness, get it over with and move on with life.” We didn’t know how to feel about this crisis and some of us are still trying to make sense of it.

Like many of you, I read comments on social media, watched videos and listened to my friends and family members as they described their opinion on the subject. My conclusion is as follows:

  • every person will deal with this crisis in their own way
  • every person will interpret why this is happening in their own way
  • every person will be affected when this is over, and it will be unique to each one of us

Personally, I have come to accept that the Corona virus is here to help humanity not to destroy it. I refuse to believe that my loving God is punishing his children because they have strayed and sinned. I also refuse to believe that it’s a test which we have been put through to see how we will react. In my heart, I believe this pandemic occurred at this time, in this magnitude, because simply it was meant to be. My brain does not comprehend the why at this point. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe this is to be understood, rather, it is meant to be felt.

I am fully aware, not everyone will agree with my point of view. And, I respect that fact and others’ point of views but this is mine. I listen and I think, I feel and I meditate. I allow my intuition to guide me, just as I did with my driving, and just as I have done in my day-to-day life. My intuition is there, always has been, always will be. So is yours. We all have a choice. We can choose to follow our instincts and inner voice, or follow the voice of reason and others’ voices.

When I quiet down and listen to the silence within me, I know all the answers. Everything seems crystal clear to me. I choose to see the good in an impossible situation. I choose to be grateful for my life, my good health and my ability to recognize these gifts. I choose to make the best of my time, being isolated instead of complaining about it. As I heard from an influential person in a social media platform: “we may be isolating, but it does not mean we are disconnecting.”

With that said, I know that not everyone’s situation is stable. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food on my table, clean clothes on my back. Furthermore, I have a phone, a laptop, internet connection, access to TV and movies. I have a wide network of friends and family that I connect with on a daily basis. I am loved by many and I am receiving blessings and prayers from loved ones and acquaintances. I am just truly thankful.

Here I am, stating the obvious. Many of you reading this are blessed just the same. Some however, may not be. Some may feel lonely, some may not have access to these luxuries. Some may be struggling to put food on the table or panicking if they will have a place to call home if they aren’t able to pay their rent. Many have lost their jobs already or are fearful they will. Some don’t have friends calling and checking up on them. Some may be dealing with Mental Health issues before this crisis, imagine what isolation will do now? How about those who have family working on the front line. Your husband, your wife, your daughter, your son, your best friend, etc …, maybe you know someone who is working around the clock, risking their health and ultimately their life, in order to serve the public and fulfill their duty.

I am not saying I have all the answers. And, I am not saying I understand everything that’s happening. I’m digesting it day by day as the entire world is doing. However, what I do want to say, is let’s get out of our personal situation a little. Let’s look at the big picture. Before you complain that you are bored at home, not eating that specific item, not able to hang out in the park, haven’t seen your friends in a while, etc..  While they are all valid points and you have every right to feel this way, choose to elevate yourself, and start saying “Thank you.”

Photo by Rania F. E.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, we can all say “Thank you.”  Look around you and find things to be thankful for. I promise you, there will be a few things. And, when you reach a state of gratitude, when you raise your vibrations to a more positive state of being, believe me, answers will come, ideas will hit you. You will discover new ways to spend your time in isolation. You may even start to be grateful you are in isolation. Okay, maybe I’m stretching that one, I am certain though, some of you will be glad you had this well-deserved break, without the stress part of course.

I believe I have said what my intuition wanted to say. I have no idea where all these words before you are coming from. All I know, is that I am a vessel through which a message is being delivered.

Before I leave you to contemplate, let me comment briefly on the food for thought I left you with in Part 1 of this topic.

So yes, we tend to overplay a song a million times before we get bored of it and stop listening to it altogether. We play this video game over and over till we are bored of it. We wear the same clothes again and again, because we like them so much. More and more examples can fit this thought. Here is my take on it. We easily get attached to things that give us joy and happiness. And, because at any given time we have only a few things going on in our lives that do that, we stick to what we know will make us happy. Or so we think. The issue remains, we close our eyes to the other things that have the potential to give us joy. We program ourselves and we have been programmed in some cases. The answer is, balance. Find the balance. And look for things to be grateful for. Open your eyes, your heart and expand your mind. If you just start looking, you will find another song that makes you smile, another clothing item you love just the same. You get my point.

Stay Tuned for part 3. I hope I am making you smile, think, and most of all, feeling you are not alone.

Take care of yourselves and stay home!!

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