Creepy Message


It is mind boggling to me at times, when people message you out of no where, with the pretense that they are asking about your well-being. Meanwhile, you haven’t spoken in ages. Regardless of the reasons as to why the connections were severed and without putting any consideration to who stopped talking first, it still is creepy when you get a text message saying: “Hello beautiful, how are you doing? What have you been up to?” Ladies do you feel me?

Okay, so before I get any one responding, “why do you assume the worst? what’s wrong with someone checking up on you? Maybe they really care. Maybe they missed you and want to find out if you are really doing well.” Let me take in a deep breath here …… Yes, I know and I am well aware, we can’t always jump into conclusions. We can’t always assume the worst intentions of people and that we ought to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well, my dear readers, I would love nothing but to believe in the good intentions of people, especially those I have once encountered in my life. Perhaps, it is because I have encountered those same people once in my life, I am a bit hesitant believing in their good intentions.

Let’s have a good look at the content of the message, shall we? It starts off with “Hello beautiful.” You lost me there already. While I appreciate a lovely compliment and indeed it is one, yet, how does anyone give themselves the right to address me like such, especially when we have not spoke in years. I reiterate, regardless of the scope of the previous relation, it still is unacceptable to me. Furthermore, I find it offensive and disrespectful.

The rest of the message is innocent – asking how I am doing, except when I get asked “what have I been up to?” To me, this is someone fishing for information, maybe bored and going through their little black book from the past and sending random messages to anyone who would answer. I am actually not very happy with myself, as I think those thoughts. I can’t help it though. What am I to make out of such messages I keep receiving lately.

I struggled for a few hours, thinking about this. Should I respond out of courtesy? Then I realized, my response to this message itself is an indirect way of condoning such tone and such behaviour. The way I see it, there is a reason why this person is no longer a part of my life. Not that I have anything against those whom I have chosen to sever ties with, merely I decided, it was best I no longer associate with certain individuals. I have no ill feelings towards anyone I no longer contact. Everyone has the right to make this decision for him/herself. At times, it is best we go our separate ways. Nothing personal.

Some people grow, while some are stagnant. When you can no longer connect with certain people in your life, it is totally okay to part. There is no need to create any animosity. Likewise, there is no need to dance around the truth. If we no longer fit in each other’s lives, then we wish each other the best in life and move on. That is life. Some people are in your life for a reason, some for a season while some are a lifetime. And we only find out who fits under each category as we go through life. Only then, it will become clear to us.

Indeed, it is terrible to jump to conclusions and assume the worst of intentions. However, some things are so clear and there is no point in questioning it. Follow your intuition, it usually knows best. And in my creepy messages case, I know it doesn’t feel right. I let it go, send these people love and wish them well, without answering back. I would only be feeding into a negative vibe that I feel, so no point in being “Nice.” I love myself too much to put myself down. I deserve to be treated with respect. And I will accept nothing less. You do too, my dear readers.

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