Writing from inspiration

Many times I want to sit and write my thoughts and my feelings. I think of so many things all at the same time. And I’m constantly getting disrupted and distracted. I lose my train of thoughts. And I don’t end up writing anything. So I learned that if I don’t actually just start typing what’s on my mind, it will be gone and it won’t come back. This is what inspired writing is. You write when the inspiration comes. You write as the words are flowing through. You don’t have to put too much thought into it. You just write.

Sadly, we delay the task, we say: ‘just let me do this first then I will sit and write, I’m gonna remember.’ Nope. You don’t. You may recall a few words from what was running through your mind, but it’s not the same. It won’t flow as easily and it won’t be as powerful. Inspired writing is a gift. It’s a blessing that comes through you. You may think you are writing your own words from your own thoughts. But in fact, these words are coming from a different place altogether. And that I know first hand, as I have written many articles based on true inspiration. Later on, as I read what I had written, I can’t actually believe that this piece came out of me. I never even knew that I could write like that. But I did, and I do. And that is thanks to inspiration writing.

It’s true we are surrounded by so much noise. And it’s true it’s hard to keep our focus. Learning how to drown out noise and distraction is not the easiest thing, but it is possible. Like everything else, it takes practice. In addition, it takes dedication and strong will to stay on purpose.

Writing is liberating, regardless of the topic you are writing about. Even if it’s your journal and it’s only for you to read. Writing your feelings and thoughts are in fact very therapeutic. You get to say what you really want to say. You get to be yourself; truly yourself. Writing can heal some of your pain. As you get to release some coped-up emotions. You may overcome fears that hold you back from speaking your truth. You find out that you have a strong voice and it encourages you to break your walls and speak up. You may get to learn more about yourself as you write down whatever crosses your mind. You may have certain revelations as you assess a situation and write about it. Thus, it’s safe to say, writing can also be educational. You get to be the student and the teacher all at the same time. Isn’t that something!

So follow your intuition when inspiration comes knocking on your door. Don’t delay your writing. Take action. Take a few minutes out of your go-go life and just write down what has come to your mind. There is a reason why those thoughts came to you. You are the vessel that will be relaying the message to many who need to hear it. You are the channel through which inspired topics are being revealed. It’s an absolute blessing. Write, keep writing, inspiration will keep on coming.

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