Myths about Spirituality

I’m not here to judge anyone on how they do things or even in how they perceive things. I’m only here as an observer and if I may put my 2 cents into the subject.

The good thing is, the word spirituality doesn’t seem to scare people anymore. They are getting used to it now. Even the hardcore religious people; in whatever religion, are getting used to hearing the term. They may like that the word is spreading and they may encourage people to become more “spiritual” in the sense. But of course each denomination and religion will try to put their spin on it and change its meaning to fulfill their purpose. In other words, it gets twisted. Just like everything else in this world we have come to know. The same thing can mean different things to different people. If that makes any sense to you.

That’s one thing I observed; I watched and I listened as some of the religious figures use the term spirituality to attract those who are in search for meaning and purpose in their life by convincing them that the only way is by obeying this particular GOD. Because this is the only right GOD and if they don’t follow, they will not have peace in their lives. And some people fall for it, believe it wholeheartedly, and follow this path. And they are convinced they found spirituality.

I’m not against any religion. I speak simply the truth as I know it. And the truth about spirituality is that it is not something you find out there. It is something you find in here. And by that I mean. You cannot find something outside of you that had been a part of you all along. You discover your spirituality as you uncover the blind folds and throw away the unfounded, made-up knowledge you have been taught. For lack of a better term, the lies you have been fed. That is the first step. Then your journey is beautiful from this point on. Your confusion stage is gone. Your doubt has been erased. And now all you have left is Knowing. You just know who you are and you know that we are all connected as one and that deep within you lies all the answers. All you have to do is listen to your own core, your inner voice; your spirit.

Some people are methodical by nature. They like to analyze things and they want to understand all of this before following this path. It’s difficult to understand because using your brain will only misguide you and mislead you. You must follow your heart centre. You must go with your feelings. That is not saying you cancel out your brain. By all means, you use both. They are both part of you. Your brain is useful for certain things and your heart guides you along your journey. With time, you get to know which one you turn to.

I heard a story recently about a guy I used to work with, apparently he has been on a journey of self-discovery. All the props to him. So what does this guy do? He gets very immersed into Yoga. And becomes Vegan. That’s all fine and dandy until he sits in meditation position, shirt off, inside of a major Mall in a Middle eastern country with a sign that says something like “it’s time to be free” or something of that nature. I wasn’t there; that’s what I have been told. To continue on his journey of spirituality, he spends 6 months in India, practicing Yoga and living with the monks. And then goes on a trip somewhere in Hawaii where he joins a self-sustainable Nude Community. Living on fruits and vegetables they grow and so forth. I don’t know what is happening to him now. That was the last update I was informed by a common friend.

So, I guess people go about searching for peace and spirituality in different ways. To each their own. And perhaps they were meant to go on this journey to learn certain lessons they were meant to learn; in order to be prepared for the next stage in life. Having said that, it is not necessary to go total extreme to be spiritual. You don’t always need to go to India and live with the Monks. You don’t need to live like a hippie. And you don’t always need to quit your job, sell your house and go backpacking around the world looking for purpose in your life.

You can still discover your inner-self, find peace and grow spiritually by staying in your home and living a regular life. All you may have to do is a bit of tweaking. You may have to walk away from people who bring you down or no good for you. You may have to change your old habits and adopt new and healthy ones. You may take a different career path if your heart leads you to it. You listen to your inner voice more often and you follow your intuition which you ignored all your life. You don’t get bothered or stressed anymore. You become in a state of peace most of the times. And you don’t have to think much about it. It becomes part of you. You live everyday happy and fulfilled, with gratitude and joy. You are in a state of love with everyone and everything you do. People’s opinions don’t matter; it doesn’t affect you in anyway.

Life is perfect just the way it is. You are perfect just the way you are. This is uncovering your spirituality that resided in you all along. It just took a bit of time and work to reconnect with it. That is my truth. And that is what I know in my heart. And that is how I’m aiming to live my life from now on.

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