Travel when you are young

Don’t wait till you get older to start travelling. Don’t wait for the perfect timing. Don’t wait till you are finally free, the kids have grown, you retire, you pay off the house, you have more money; whatever excuse you keep on giving yourself for postponing your travelling. Travel when you are young and healthy. Don’t wait till you are older and unable to do what you could do in your younger days.

Live today. Travel today. Make it a priority. travel when you are young. Move around and climb mountains while your legs can still carry you. Go on an adventure and learn about yourself. Find out who you really are and what you really enjoy. How will you ever grow if you don’t. How will you ever know that you like to jump from a plane or snowboard if you never try it.

Not all experiences require you leaving your country. Sometimes you can do little excursions and have fun in your home town but perhaps drive a few hours away or take a train or a boat. And sometimes you have to plan it very well, so that your kids are well taken care of, while you enjoy a well deserved vacation with your partner. It’s necessary to go and spend quality and fun time with your significant other. You need to spice things up every once in a while. You need to go and explore new places and you will inevitably explore each other. We get to learn more about our partners in these situations than we do living with them day after day in the same monotonous environment. It’s all relative.

Having said that, there is no age limit for you to travel and enjoy life. Of course you still can be active and doing crazy things even the young people don’t do. It’s possible you will be in great health condition and able to do tough activities. It’s all dependant on your outlook for life and your aging process. You can either allow your age to hold you back or you can simply live without even giving attention to the number – your age that is.

It’s up to you to stay healthy by keeping yourself active, following a fitness and wellness lifestyle. You can watch what you eat and don’t inject your body with nonsense. It’s all up to you in the end. How you treat yourself in the long run can be the ultimate factor of how you age and what kind of life you lead thereafter. But why wait. Why plan that far ahead. Why not live today. You are young and active now. You are healthy and athletic now. So why not enjoy travel now.

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