Point fingers no more

Seriously, what is the point of pointing fingers and blaming this person and that circumstance. What is the benefit of constantly looking for someone or something to blame for our anger, bitterness and dissatisfaction. Why is it we never stop and assess our part in the situation? Why does it always have to be someone else’s fault? Please. I beg you. Point fingers no more.

I am tired of seeing this happen all around me. Then I stop and say to myself: ‘Let them be’. So I am letting them be. I can’t change anyone anyway. But first let me do my part and at least feel like I have tried to help people see what they are actually doing to themselves and others around them.

I was triggered to write this after reading quite a bit of reviews online on one or two companies that I shall not name, who provide food delivery service. We are all familiar with this new and famous technology. Getting everything delivered to our home, because it’s convenient and affordable and makes sense. And everyone says: ‘why not? I can do it too. I must get in on this new feature if everyone in my society is.’ This is all well and dandy, when you understand the concept. It is not so dandy however, when you don’t. Let me explain.

So this woman was going on a rant, so angry about her horrible experience with the food she ordered for delivery using the mobile app. Apparently, there were delays and in the end, the order was incorrect, she had allergies and couldn’t eat the food after all. Frustrated; she contacted the delivery service company requesting a refund and reporting her dissatisfaction. She posted two full chats showing the conversation between the customer service rep and herself. To make a long story short, this customer was expecting a certain compensation which she wasn’t getting. So her anger increased and so did her bitterness. In no way, am I defending or excusing the bad service she received. And I don’t blame her for requesting some sort of acknowledgment and retribution. But in my opinion, she reached a point of sounding entitled, spoiled and unreasonable.

The customer service rep was very polite. They tried to address the issue and work within their authority. I know this cause I worked in customer service and I understand how it works. The rep confirmed with her she will be getting a refund and she has the choice to get money back or credit for a future order. And apologized for the inconvenience she was caused over and over in two separate chats from two different customer service reps. But that wasn’t good enough for this customer. She wanted a refund for that order that came late and wrong. And she wanted the delivery service company to deliver to her the same order she originally wanted (without her putting the order herself) and she didn’t want to use this credit (that she agreed to have instead of money refund). She wanted the delivery company to send it to her for free as a reasonable compensation (in her eyes) for the inconvenience she experienced. She was so distraught at the fact they won’t do more than refund her. She accused them to be horrible in service and not caring about their customers. And of course making it a point for others not to use this delivery service because they are bad.

Now here is the dilemma, who do you hold accountable for the food order? The delivery guy or the restaurant that prepared your order? Who do you take out your frustration on? Why you expect the delivery company to pay for the mistake of the restaurant? This is not someone hired by the restaurant. They have nothing to do with the restaurant.

And by the way, these people that deliver are not necessarily trained in customer service. As a matter of fact, they are anyone with a car that want to make extra few bucks. They know nothing about service or food orders. Their job is to pick up from restaurant – confirm the order in the app, name of the customer and that is it. They follow what the map is directing them to and deliver to your door. It’s not the delivery person duty to open up the bag and look inside if there is cheese or mushrooms. Do people actually get this concept. Apparently not this customer who I think expected the delivery guy to go back and cook her food and bring it. I mean Seriously. And it’s well explained, customer has to make their order on their app. Delivery company can’t order on your behalf. And they don’t make payments for you.

And if you are so cheap, then don’t order for delivery. Delivery service is for convenience service. It’s a benefit. Not a right. You can’t afford it, don’t use it. Which brings me to the next crazy thing. People are not tipping their delivery person. Not even a dollar. Really?! You can afford to order for food to be delivered to your door, but you can’t afford a small tip to the person working hard. I guess people are so wrapped up in themselves, they don’t consider anything else. Just point fingers with their almighty attitude, demanding excellent customer service and quick to ask for refund. What happened to humanity?

Point fingers no more, recognize when to fight for your right and take responsibility for your part in any situation. Live according to your means and treat others as you would want to be treated. And please, find out your facts first before going around accusing people. That’s fair, No?

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