Living Out My Purpose

I write this piece in total inspiration. It all happened while I was in the shower, the hot water spraying on my back. I dived under the water with my head and it all came flooding through. I knew I had to put these thoughts down on paper as soon as I was done. Here I am sharing my inspired thoughts.

It’s been nine years exactly to the month since I began my blog journey. I was writing long before that, but never thought one day I would release my thoughts to the world. It must have been another inspired moment when I came up with that name, to which, I have tried to live by all these years. I never realized how powerful it was to live up to a title. It may come across as a catchy phrase, but to me, it is the essence of who I am and the life I live.

Over those past nine years, my life has taken different turns. I changed as an individual. I grew as a spiritual being. I embarked on a journey I had no idea awaited me. Here I am, reflecting back, not only on my writing journey, but on the impact I had on the world. This is indeed a personal journey, it’s mine to experience. In every article I wrote and shared, I was sharing a piece of me, I was releasing a knowledge that came to me through inspiration. Perhaps some were influenced by my deep emotions and my own opinions, but they were based on real life experiences. I vowed to myself to tell the truth, to tell it like it is, and I pray that I have done so.

This is why I write. I write because the words flow. I write because I am a vessel through which information comes through from the divine source. I write and I am in total bliss because I know – I truly know – that I am living out my purpose. I write and I release it out into the world knowing that one person out there is going to stumble across this article and they may be in need to hear what I had to say. I write knowing with everything in my being that I am here in this time, in order to make a difference. And I don’t need to know how and where, I just know that I am. That gives me comfort and peace and above all gratitude for reaching to this path, to living this experience, to being the one that I am.

I am living out my purpose by recognizing there is more to my life than finding my own pleasures. I am in-tuned with my direction because I no longer focus on obtaining this and owning that. I am allowing myself to live each moment, the way it is. I am letting go of what I can’t control. I am trusting in God and in the miracles that continue to happen in my life. I am – one of the strongest words you can say, as I have learned from some of the most spiritual teachers. For what follows that “I am,” is simply what you will make as your reality.

In conclusion, I say, I am grateful for being on this journey for nine years. I am thankful for every reader that has come across my articles. I am more thankful for every soul that was touched by my writing. And I am in so much gratitude for every positive word and encouragement I was given over the years. I am living out my purpose and I am who I am.

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