Are we awake yet?

Today marks the third year since my grandpa passed to the spirit world. How fast the time went by. So much has happened since then, in the world, and in my own life. There is no way I could have predicted I would be living these times. Neither did the world. A year ago when I was contemplating the effects of Covid on humanity, I anticipated a shift in our consciousness. Today, a year later, I wonder, are we awake yet?

Before I focus on the collective, I take a moment to check in with myself. I ask myself first, where am I in my journey? How have I changed? What efforts have I made to make a positive and lasting impression in the physical world I live in? Am I pleased with where I am?

I ask myself first because I am a little dot in the big picture. And if everyone focused on themselves and worked on making a change. There will be several dots shining their light, in a vast dark space, called the universe. It starts with me. I am aware of this truth and I hold myself accountable before anyone else.

The waves of life has taken me up and down, no doubt. I know when I close my eyes and sit still, I feel peace in my heart. Indeed, I do. The reason I feel peace is because I allowed myself to feel whatever emotions throughout the journey, and I still do. When I was upset, I recognized it. When I was in gratitude, I expressed it. When I was fed up, I took the time to accept what I cannot control. In the end, I allowed myself to feel sad and happy all at the same time. I was present in each moment. I knew that tomorrow would be a better day, without knowing what it will bring my way.

It is absolutely natural to feel frustrated and border line leaning towards insanity considering we have been locked in our homes, unable to meet the people we love, unable to travel, unable to just do the simple things we took for granted. All those things were a wake up call for humanity. It was definitely a wake up call for me.

Never will I take anything I do for granted neither the people in my life. Every moment is a precious moment. Every laughter is to be cherished. Every hug is to be savoured. Every sense of calm is to be absorbed to the fullest. As we learned this past year, none of those things are permanent. We learned that we could lose everything and everyone in a blink of an eye. Your sense of security that is dependent on status or financial gains are an illusion. Your sense of stability that is dependent on a job or a business, just the same. Nothing is ever lasting. Nothing is a guarantee. This is what we needed to wake up to.

I am awake. I am wide awake. And I intend on making the effort to stay awake, to stay alert, to never forget that each moment I take in a breath, I am blessed. Each moment I say good morning and good night to my parents and the people I love, I am experiencing the gift of life. I pray that humanity has seen the light and more little dots are shining their light in this vast dark space, we call the universe.

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