Now this is a topic no one wants to talk about and why would we. It’s probably the most depressing topic ever. We all avoid discussing our thoughts on this subject. As a matter of fact, it’s our biggest fear. But it’s not my biggest fear. I accept that death is just a stage of life. Whether I’m ready to face it or not, now that’s a whole different ball game. Not even sure how to talk about it or describe it.

Well, death as far as I understand is when your body separates from your soul. The body, which was simply a vessel for the soul it housed, gets put to rest, it goes back to dust, the original state from which we were created. What happens to the soul is a very interesting question. What does the soul feel at the moment of separation from this life? What does the soul see? And how quickly does the transition happen where it connects with other souls in the other side? So many questions come to mind? But who will or can answer them? Only God, the creator of life can explain the end of life.

One question leads to another, we end up with more questions than answers. Maybe we will find out someday, maybe we never will. May be the moment of death itself will give us the answer. Maybe the answers to all our doubts and confusion are depending on that moment when our physical state disappears and the true self becomes free. Maybe everything will become clear then. But then I ask, wouldn’t it be too late by this point. Isn’t the whole purpose of knowing what happens to our soul after death, is to understand how to live? Does it even make a difference if we knew? Would we really behave differently? These are some of my thoughts on the subject. I’m sure many have similar questions and maybe even deeper ones.

I have always wondered and questioned. I tried to find answers that would comfort me and help me live the best way I could. I was taught, as a Christian, that we live our life on earth, preparing for our eternal life. Meaning, based on our deeds throughout our life, we will either have higher chances to be reunited with the “father’ – ie: God, in heaven, or we will experience eternal suffering.

Those teachings, however, never provided me with comfort and something just didn’t sit right with me. The more I read, the more I question, the more I get confused and the more I am turned off religion all together. I turned to other teachings and other religions to understand Death a little better. I found no definitive answer.

In the end, I was able to find a middle ground between all the teachings and various perspectives. I was too concerned with understanding something I feel, was not meant to be understood.  I was too obssessed with finding answers in the wrong time and through wrong avenues. Religions do not have the answer. Books and other people’s analysis don’t have the answer either. The answers all lie within myself. I know all the answers to every question I ask, to every thought I ponder. The problem is, I have been taught to not trust into my own intuition. Society has trained us to look for answers outside of ourselves for pretty much everything. Sadly, we don’t realize this truth until it is too late, and some never see this truth at all.

Today, I raised questions for you, my readers, not necessarily for you to reach a conclusion, rather, to learn that in questioning, you are alive. And when you reach a true moment of clarity, you will know, that you too, have the answers. Follow your intuition. Listen to your inner voice. You know who you are. And you know what you are here to do. Your ending, is simply a transition into another form because you know, you never really die. Only your body does.

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