Being True

How many times you catch yourself in situations, you wish you never found yourself in. How often had it happened over the course of your life, where you are stuck at a cross road. And you see both paths clearly. You know what you have to do, but almost paralyzed and having difficulty to do it. You know you have to take action before it gets out of hand.

That’s when you call upon the greatest power: God; and ask for the strength to get through this. You don’t ask why. You don’t question at all. Because deep down you know you came here, to this point in your life; not by a mere chance or accident, but in total harmony with your own journey. It was meant that you come to this cross road. It is part of your journey. And you accept it. You know you will be ok. You just have to pass this tough stage. It’s nothing you haven’t handled before. This too shall pass.

It may not be easy though, because you may have to make some changes that you didn’t anticipate. It may cause you some temporary pain. But it’s the kind of pain that you can control. It’s the kind that you are able to endure and not fall apart. You know this by now because you have been there, done that.

What makes things difficult sometimes is when there are other people involved in this cross path. Communication with others become heavy on the heart. You must express how you feel. And you must do it truthfully and honestly. You can’t sugar coat things. And you can’t over dramatize. You just have to be true to yourself and say what needs to be said – straight from your heart centre, not so much your brain, rather from within you.

The truth lies within you and you know it. It feels different when you speak from the heart than from your brain. This is a growth; once reached, you can never go back to the old ways anymore. It’s part of the new You, that you are so grateful you discovered. There is no going back now.

There is a mix of feelings, however, part of you is free and the other is bound. You are free in your expression, in your openness to the truth. And you are bound by the heaviness of the pain associated with that same truth. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

But you can’t look at it that way. You must rise above the pain, at moments live the pain happily because it brings you to a joy you never imagined. You have chosen a path. You are no longer at the intersection. You have crossed and made a choice. Even if it is the tougher path. You will make it through. Because in the end, it is about being true.

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