A lesson to learn – September

For all parents out there

11 Things Kids Want From Parents

  1. Showing is better than telling, I learn by watching you.
  2. Love me – Give me hugs and kisses, You can’t spoil me with those.
  3. Kind and firm discipline – My brain is still developing and so I’m slow in learning. But I do want to learn, if you patiently and kindly teach me.
  4. Be my safe haven – Always be here for me no matter what.
  5. Talk with me – Don’t just talk to me.
  6. Hear me – Sometimes I just want to be heard without judgement or lecture.
  7. Accept who I am – Don’t constantly compare me to other kids.
  8. Let me play outside a lot.
  9. Give me food that is nutritious and yummy.
  10. Trust me – Let me make my own decisions on non-safety or health related things. I couldn’t learn to walk without falling. I can’t learn to make good decisions without bad ones.
  11. Encourage me – Your praise means so much to me.

“Found on Pinterest – Author Unknown”

Parents, how much did that touch you? Can you imagine your child saying this to you?

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