Why am I here

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Perhaps you asked it more than once throughout various stages in your life. And maybe you keep asking yourself that question day in and day out!! Looking for an answer. Searching for meaning. Trying to understand the purpose behind all the pain and suffering you keep on living. When will it ever get better? When will you get a break?! How come the answers won’t come. Will you ever really know why you are here?!!!

Admit it to yourself, you thought those things a few times; right!! Okay, you don’t have to admit it out loud. But within yourself, you know that you have questioned and tried to get some answers. And for the longest time, you can’t seem to understand the why’s and the how’s. You end up with more questions than answers for the most part. And the reason is you are trying to make sense of things that will never make sense. You are trying to understand with your brain. When, the truth is, you must feel it with all your emotions and all you have to do is just BE. Get still and go within; the answer lies there. It all becomes clear. Only when we stop thinking and start feeling. Only then, you will know why you are here and what you are meant to do.

Many people are living purposeless lives. Some are lost. Some are numb. Some decided to create a life for themselves where they are in control of everything that happens to them (or so they think), believing that there is no God. Some are caught up in thinking that they have found their path and meaning in life by getting religious and closer to their God (whichever religion that is). Some are struggling, going back and forth between religion and spirituality; confused and trying to choose sides. While some have found bliss in their awareness of who they are; following a life that leads them to their path and to the growth of their soul.

Happiness and peacefulness are the ultimate goals of every living being. We just go about it in different ways. As some believe they will find it along the way as they fulfill certain things. And others believe they have to make it happen by taking matters into their own hands. While some wait for it to come their way, believing that if it’s meant for them, it will come, otherwise, they will just have to live without it because it’s destiny. And then there are those who live in peace, harmony and a sense of gratitude regardless of their surrounding and circumstances because happiness and peace are within. They believe it is not something you obtain, since you already have it within you.

Which example suits you best? Which person have you decided to be? What belief system do you follow? More importantly, who are you??? Once you have answered those questions, you will know why you are here. And you will begin your journey. You will live the life you were always meant to live. And you will be the person you were always meant to be. The one that resides within you. You will finally discover that you were there all along, waiting to be seen. The light within you will shine bright. And you can only be YOU – the real you. And the real you won’t ask why am I here? The real you just knows.

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