Learn to pay attention to the signs

Have you ever found yourself receiving the same message, in different ways, on the same day and you actually were paying attention. Well, that’s my story on this day as I write this. 

Today, I have lived a profound experience. Perhaps one I have yearned for in so long. And the amazing thing, I was fully aware of the events unfolding as this message was being delivered to me. I knew the universe was trying to reach me. I was in complete flow as I listened to the message. It was clear to me that I needed to hear it right now. 

I didn’t need to ask why. I understood the reasons very clearly. It was a necessary step towards my evolution. Even though I have been living in resistance the last little while. Even though I felt a little lost and out of my element. I guess all the work and effort I had put into my spiritual journey over the last decade, has paid off. I needed a rescue. Indeed, I was given a life line that was now up to me to use for the next stage in my journey. 

My inner knowing cannot be shaken at this moment I’m living. I’m certain that the challenges I’m facing right now are here to teach me something very important and necessary for my growth. All is happening for my greater good. Indeed, I’m being tested and pushed passed my limits. I know like I know I exist, that tomorrow everything will be crystal clear. 

That’s what I would like to tell you today. Learn to listen to that inner voice. Learn to pay attention to the signs. They may be subtle. They may even be confusing at times. It’s natural to get caught up in our mind and get stuck in the stories we build. Our thoughts need to be watched more carefully. They play the most important role in the unfolding of our destiny. Once we get a grip on those thoughts, we can then redirect our life to the path we desire. 

I am learning this too. I am living it right now. The advice I share here with you is based on my personal experiences. My journey in this life is unfolding step by step. And I’m certain that my discoveries along the way, were meant to be shared with the world, not only for myself to learn. 

So please take the time to think about this. Pay attention to the signs that show up in your life that are there to teach you something, and perhaps answering your prayers. Expect those answers to come from anywhere, in any form and through anyone. Do not be surprised. That’s how GOD operates. Believe you will receive your answers … and they shall arrive. I do, with all my being. 

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