Who Said?

Apparently, as we assess our accomplishments from last years goals and New Years resolutions, we are supposed to see where we went wrong and correct it in the new year. We are supposed to do better and try to change in the new year. Someone tell me again, why are we carrying with us the same unfulfilled goals from last year / years into the new one?? Does that even make any sense? Who said we are supposed to correct what we did and change ourselves? Who said?

Well, it all sounds like the same old story, year after year. We do the same things. We eat almost the same food. We meet the same people (whether we like them or not). We say the same greetings. We complain about the same things that we can’t stand. We make the same New Year’s resolution. And we don’t make it happen in the New year just the same way it has always been. Does that sound familiar?

Perhaps I’m sounding a bit cynical or even pessimistic. It’s not my intention. However, my intention is to point out our flaws and shortcomings as Human Beings, lost in our traditions and habits. Why do we wish we had done things differently? Why are we hard on ourselves if we didn’t accomplish some goals? Instead, why are we not realizing that perhaps some things were not meant for us. And that we didn’t do anything wrong. On the contrary, we did everything right. Just the way it was meant to be. Not the way you always planned it to be.

The timing might not be right for what you wanted so far. So let it go. You must have changed since last year. You must have grown even a little bit. You must have realized that what was important a few months ago, no longer is. So why would you want to carry the same goals, the same challenges, the same expectations on your new journey in the New Year.

Often times, we are too hard on ourselves, just as some people are totally oblivious. The two extremes are a reality and they both have advantages and disadvantages. Those who don’t seem to care may have an advantage because they don’t get too stressed out when things don’t work out the way they wanted or when they wanted. On the other hand, too much ignorance and not being in touch with oneself, can be a cause to never moving forward in life.

Likewise, those who don’t give themselves a break when things don’t pan out, they get stuck in feelings of guilt, blame and in extreme cases self-sabotage. Their advantage, however, is being aware of who they are and where they are headed. They may experience some set backs, but they are the go-getters who are determined to reach their final destination.

In the end, no one is more-right than the other. Everyone is perfect just the way he / she is. You will do what you are ready to do. And you won’t accomplish what you aren’t ready for. It’s so simple, yet we are the ones who complicate it. There is no one right way to get things done. There is no deadline or timeline to follow. Every step along your journey will happen just at the right time for you. So don’t stress yourself with what you should have done and didn’t do. Take it easy. When it’s time, you will get it done.

It is important to stop and question where these traditions and myths come from. Don’t just follow. Find out what works for you. In the end, who said it was supposed to be like this or like that? And Frankly, who cares?

3 comments on “Who Said?

  1. Intuition or inner guidance system inspired or inner knowing tells you the most suitable or harmonious path or way.
    You take the path that gives a harmony and balance where things are meant for you to be and unfold in a natural way while doing and being what you can …

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