Understanding the storm after the calm

How many times have you heard or said the statement: “the calm before the storm”. It’s a common phrase we say when things seem to be moving smoothly and without much problems. But that doesn’t last for long. This period may last from days to weeks and if you are lucky; a few months. We tend to focus our attention on the serene and comfort state we feel while in the back of our minds anticipating havoc. “It must be on its way,” we say. We know things aren’t going to be this good forever. Life has taught us that. Since we were children, we witnessed it and as we grew older, personally experienced it.

Our natural reaction to this state explains how our mind is conditioned to automatically predict something bad is about to happen. We maybe experiencing so much joy and in the same moment unable to fully enjoy it, because deep down we fear this joy won’t last and something is probably going to happen to ruin it. We just don’t know when or how. Never have we asked ourselves why. And if we did, our answer was ready with some negative spin on the situation, ready to conclude that we are victims, jinxed and nothing good ever lasts in our lives because that’s just how it’s always been. Our negativity resides so deep in our subconscious that we can’t even recognize it. Besides, it’s easier to just blame life, the circumstances, people and everything outside of ourselves.

What about that ‘storm’? What about the havoc that comes with vengeance, as it seems, ripping out anything on its path? What about those tough times that seem to shake our lives at times, so vigorously, that we can’t recognize our lives as it once was? What about the outcomes of those storms that come and pass? What about the joy and the calm as a result of that same storm? Who thinks of those things? Do you ever?

One thing I know for sure; storms do come and go. Indeed, they may last a long time, longer than we feel we can handle. Nevertheless, it does end. Surely, bringing about major changes in ourselves, perhaps sending us on a total different path in our lives. The choice is ours how to digest these altering moments in life. We can resent it, complain about it, cry over it, and look for someone or something to blame for it (including self-blame). Or, we can accept it as lessons we needed to learn, an opportunity to grow and evolve, getting us closer to where we are meant to be.

This is a decision we make while we are still in the calm phase. It will be very difficult to make the switch in our perception when we are going through the storm. How can we? We can’t think clearly. We are no where near calm. Everything is falling apart and our lives are upside down. Naturally, we will be reacting to what’s happening as we were in a defensive state of mind rather than a receptive state of being. Is it easy to do? No one ever said it was easy to go through challenges and life changing moments, and neither is it impossible.

Therefore, take advantage of the time you have in the calm before the storm, to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Make a decision. How do you want these experiences to pass? Who do you want to be as a result? Who is in charge? The circumstances or the way you respond to those circumstances?

And why must you be convinced that the way your were leading your life, was the only best way for you to live it? What if the change, the storm brings along, will cleanse you, dust you off, clear up the smog, paving a new path for your life to be better than before, leaving you in more joy than you ever thought possible? What if?

Can’t we just give it a try? Can’t we just open our hearts to the abrupt changes imposed on us when we just got comfortable? Who knows what’s in store for us? Who knows what’s truly best for us? Who knows whose lives we are going to change, the impact we may have on the world and the good that we will be part of, when we simply surrender and allow storms to take us on a ride of waves, sometimes up high and sometimes way down. It’s up to us to see the waves as being super joyful or super chaotic. Your heart will guide you every time. You just have to listen to it.

Understand the storm is here to make you a better person and to shake you up a bit from being too comfortable in your zone. It’s like your alarm clock, “ring, ring, ring… it’s time to wake up my friend … you have things to do, places to go, people to see … wake up.” And from that point on, you will never be the same again, and so will your life. You know what? Maybe that’s actually what you needed … not wanted … but needed. Some food for thought. Take some time to truly think about this. Make the shift in your perception. And watch how your stormy experiences change from being a horrible life experience to a grateful life experience. Give it a try.

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