What Is Happening?

What’s happening today – is that the life we are living in this century has changed everything we once knew to be true. Some were misconceptions, some were lies, while others were simply ignorance. On the other hand, some of the things happening today are simply a shift that affected mankind in general. We can say it’s due to enhanced technology breakthroughs and discoveries or we can say it’s because of an unexplained-phenomena of higher awareness and consciousness. Regardless of the reasons and causes, the fact remains, we are changing, and at a faster speed than we can grasp.

I may come from an era that witnessed profound changes over the years. I was born in a time where major wars were just ending and countries were developing and people were gaining more confidence and freedom. Innovations were rising, discoveries were increasing by the minute, and so did the greed for power, money, and control. Religion was powerful still, but as the years went by, its influence started to dissipate, resulting in an outbreak of non-believers. Inevitably, the search for meaning in this life began to take precedence as people awaken to the lies they have been fed and they see the system they live in, for what it truly is.

Eyes have been opened, the blind folds have been removed, the truth has been spoken, it can no longer be a hidden secret inside a vault anymore. People have found the key to unlock their true potential. Mankind has evolved and there is no stopping anyone now. The rise is in motion, the determination is high beyond belief. The motives are clear and the intentions are pure. Man’s search for meaning to one’s life has finally paid off. We now know why we are here, the essence of who we are, and what we came here to do.

Perhaps there are still many who haven’t opened their eyes, who still haven’t found a way to untie the knot on the blind fold. But their time is coming soon. It will happen in due time.

So what is happening today? It’s simple, today you walk around among the trees, the flowers and the butterflies and you know what the word ‘bliss’ truly means. Today, you watch the people go by and hear all the noises from machinery and transportation forms, and it’s like you don’t see the people and you don’t hear the noise. You are able to freeze in time and see everything for what it is. You are a soul, walking this earth, in this physical form, experiencing this life, going on a journey, until you go home again to where you originated from. This is the awakening that is happening today.

To some, this may all sound gibberish, but to others it may resonate. I write this piece from total inspiration as the words are flowing through me. I am simply a vessel through which messages are being transported. I am humbled and I am blessed that I can continue to fulfill my own life purpose in this earth. Peace to all.

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