Stand Up For What You Believe


If I may humbly give this advice to everyone out there. I know it is hard sometimes because our circumstances may seem stronger and out-powered. We always have a choice in which road we take. Sometimes, we think it’s easier to keep quiet, and follow even if it is against what we believe or desire. We may think, it’s okay to make an exception or that it is for the betterment of others. We sacrifice our beliefs and what we know as our truth and succumb to our circumstances. Little do we know, it will all catch up to us. We will never find peace in our lives until we stand up for what we know is our truth.

How many times have we experienced situations where we are on the spot; damned if you voice your truth and damned if you don’t. Inevitably, someone will suffer. Someone will get upset. You may step on some toes along the way. Some people may drop along the journey of standing by your truth. You are limited with your options, unfortunately. You can’t grow yet hold on to everyone you know. Would you prefer to lose yourself in the process of pleasing others, or would you rather let go of what holds you back from your growth, if indeed that’s what it takes to live an authentic life.

You may avoid an ugly confrontation in the moment. You may keep your thoughts to yourself and hold yourself back from responding. You may decide to ignore the situation and hope it fixes itself. But how long will you be able to live with yourself, knowing you didn’t stand up to what you thought was right. The temporary peace you gained, will be a hefty price for the long-term agony and torment you will live after all is said and done. One day, you will catch yourself regretting what you didn’t say and what you didn’t do; all because you just wanted to keep the peace. Ask yourself, why are you sacrificing your own peace.

Our circumstances are not permanent. We hold the key to where it goes by the decisions we take and the intentions behind them. There is no need to hold yourself captive in a prison cell that you created for yourself. Your prison is your silence. And the length of your sentence is dependent on how long it takes you to finally get over your fears and speak your truth.

Stand up for what you believe. Even if it’s the last thing you do. Don’t bow down to anyone or anything. It’s never worth it. Sacrificing yourself will never end. The moment you go down that path, it’s all you will ever do. It will be expected of you. One sacrifice after the next, in the name of keeping the peace. And those who encourage you to keep on sacrificing, are the same ones who will benefit from it. They are pushing you to do so, because you will make things easier for them. They are not thinking about what’s best for you. They are only thinking of themselves.

No one should ever ask another person to sacrifice anything. It’s a selfish request and a cowardly tactic to control another person. So wake up my dear and smell the coffee. Never allow another person or a circumstance to stop you from living your life the way you see is right for you. Stand up for what you believe. Say what you feel you need to say and do what you feel is right. Don’t let fear cripple you from living your truth.

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