Just a thought

Do you find yourself living more in the past or the present?

For me – I find myself more and more becoming aware of my habit of looking back and remembering events that took place. I believe it has been a work in progress for me to live more in the present moment and only use the past as a learning experience.

I also learned it is okay when I recall the past and not be so hard on myself. I just keep reminding myself what happened, happened. I am here now. No regrets. No shoulda, coulda, woulda. Everything that happened was meant to happen. I allowed it to happen. And now it is time to let go of all the pain and live this moment, right here. Because yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not yet here. All I have is NOW.

What do you find yourself doing? Are you living in the past still? Are you holding on to anger and resentment? Do you feel stuck? Are you ready to let it all go and live in the present moment? How do you want to live your life?

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