Just a thought

Do you find yourself, more often than you would like, feeling disappointed in your partner’s behaviour?

For me – I found myself in the same position in almost every relationship I had. So repetitive, that at some point I doubted myself. I wondered: “why can’t they just love me the way I want to be loved?”

This inquiry hit the nail on the head. I was struggling with loving myself the way I deserved to be loved. I accepted the little crumbs of love I was given meanwhile, never really feeling complete in any of the relationships.

This opened my eyes to things I had no idea was happening. I was settling for something every time. I had high expectations of people that I had no business expecting. I placed people on a high pedestal without them being deserving of it. I gave too many second chances. I put my needs last.

With time, I learned, having any expectations period is my own mistake. Failure to set boundaries is also my own doing. Loving myself first is the key to receiving the love I deserve.

So do I still get disappointed? Yes I do. I’m working on it though. I’m learning how to cope with my own struggles. I’m learning to accept people with their limitations. It is what it is.

How about you? Do you feel disappointed? How do you handle your disappointments?

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