I feel sorry for you

Thought provoking article that encompasses a very important lesson in life. Starting by describing a scene observed from a real live event, while driving one morning, just after sunrise, on a major street in my city.  If the story gets too confusing. I apologize in advance. Feel free to skip it and read my thoughts about the incident below.

“On the commute to work most likely, in a two-lane road, there is a white Cargo Van driving at the speed limit of 80 in the right lane, a black SUV in the left lane, at about the exact same speed, side by side with the van, leaving no room for anyone to pass. Here comes a white Toyota Rav that was driving behind me, unsatisfied with driving at the speed limit of 80, passes me and the Ford truck in front of me. Now the Toyota Rav is directly behind the black SUV in the left lane.

Driving for a few kms, all of us at the same speed and in the same positions. The Ford truck (that was in front of me) moves to the right lane. Now I’m directly behind the Toyota Rav whose break lights are constantly on and off. I clued in to what was going on. The Toyota Rav is trying to pass and can’t do so. Shortly after a minute, I make my way to the right lane as well and then I watched what seemed to be a theatrical play unfold before my eyes.

In a moment of rage and a golden opportunity, the white Toyota Rav, makes its way in the middle section of the road which turns into a left turning lane at the coming intersection. The Toyota Rav speeds up and abruptly switches back to the lane in front of the black SUV seconds before crossing the intersection. Immediately after the abrupt lane change and passing the intersection, the white Toyota Rav intentionally breaks suddenly causing the black SUV to break as well, being caught off guard. Both had on their breaks for a few seconds. It seemed both cars were so close to contact but it was a miracle they didn’t.

As if that wasn’t enough, soon after, the white Toyota Rav suddenly decides to speed and change lanes to the right in front of the white Cargo Van causing most of us to break for a few seconds. Then the Toyota Rav changed lanes again to the left and hit the gas pedal.”

What’s the moral of the story you might ask? Here is my analysis: The driver of the white Toyota Rav is obviously a very impatient person. And even worse, a person full of insecurities and rage, that he endangered himself and other drivers to prove a point. If passing and wanting to speed was his only goal, then why slow down and cause everyone to break. It’s like he needed to get revenge from both vehicles that were in his way. So he punished them by breaking abruptly so they would feel what it’s like to drive behind a slow vehicle, in the same way he felt. He needed to do this in order to feel better about himself. And then when he accomplished his goal, on his way he goes speeding away feeling triumphant and vindicated.

Good for the driver of the white Toyota Rav, or no, I feel sorry for that driver that he actually lives his life like that … among other drivers too.

I feel sorry for you if you are someone who can’t live a day in your life without being angry at something. Correction, if you are someone who can’t let one day go without looking for something to be angry about. Do you ever wonder why you are angry all the time? Do you ever ask yourself why your life seems to have so much conflict? Do you sit by yourself, ever, and have the thought, maybe you are the one causing all this suffering to yourself? Maybe!

It may have become a habit and a vicious cycle you can’t get out of, or even worse in denial about it. If all you see every time that injustice is happening to you, that it’s always someone else’s fault, that you are the victim and poor you. If you take things too personally all the times. Because for some reason, in your head, it’s all about you. If you feel the need to prove that you are good enough, better yet, that you are better than everyone else. If you really are living your life like this, I feel sorry for you.

Simply because it’s not necessary. You are torturing yourself and those around you. You need to take a good look at the effects of your constant rage and desire to prove something. It must be exhausting having to twist everything to make it all about you. Don’t you get tired? Will you ever see the truth? Oh no, I forgot, truth is what you decided it shall be, because you are the only one that’s right and everyone else is wrong. Slipped my mind that one.

I am truly sorry for telling it like it is. I’m not gonna sugar coat it though. And I’m not gonna feel bad for stating the obvious. Perhaps no one dared to tell you this because it’s harsh. Indeed, it is harsh. Here is why I am saying this … I care. It is my duty as your fellow human being on this soul-journey to point out what’s been holding you back from finding peace and true happiness in your life.

Furthermore, it is my calling in my personal journey to come across events and the people I have, in order to see it, learn about it, understand it and try to help if I can. I may not be able to fix the whole world or heal every wounded soul, but I can make my voice heard and perhaps one person out there will benefit from it. If that person is you, well, I’m happy we crossed-path. I’m happy I can help in your own growth, even if it’s a tiny little bit.

What is the lesson to be learned? For starters, the world doesn’t revolve around you. And not everybody is trying to get you. Please understand, there is nothing you need to prove to anyone, not even to yourself. There is nothing to win. Life is wonderful if you choose to see it that way. The sun is shining, it is a new day, a new opportunity to learn, grow, do good deeds and make someone smile. Every day we get that chance, unfortunately, we don’t see it that way. We are consumed with our lives and everything happening to us.

Here is the thing, not everything is happening to us. We make choices, take action and allow thoughts that create our reality. It all starts with how you choose to see things. If you choose the negative approach, rest assured, more negative events, circumstances and people will show up in your life because you have put yourself in that vibration.

It won’t be just one slow driver you will encounter on your commute to work, there will be more of them. And it’s all because you decided that everyone is slow, although they are actually driving the speed limit and sometimes a bit over. But it’s still not good enough for you. It’s not their fault. It’s you who is creating a hostile environment for yourself. Enjoy the drive. Listen to music. Feel grateful to be alive and well, having a vehicle that can take you to work or wherever you are going. Don’t take the little things for granted because one day, you will learn the hard way.

You don’t need to take life ‘by the horns’ as they say. It doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be a war. You choose your experiences by the state of mind and the thoughts you allow to manifest in your reality. Yes, you have the power to turn your day from bad to good and vice versa. It’s not other people who do this to you. It’s how you choose to react to things. It’s how you choose to interpret things. Of course, you will feel victimized every time, if you never take responsibility for your part in any given situation. Take responsibility for your actions, for the words you spoke, for the thoughts you held on to empower your self-centered, egoistic way of living.

It’s up to you my friend. You decide how your day will go. You decide how to end your night. It’s not other people’s fault that you feel miserable and impatient and unhappy. You do this to yourself. Because at all times, no matter what goes on in your external world, you, and only you, are responsible for what goes on in your internal world. Read that again. Feel those words and let them sink in. It may be the one time you need to do it and it will change your life forever.

I wish you all the best. I wish you a happy and peaceful life. I wish you learn the lessons that you came here for and live your life on purpose just as I found mine. Love to all.

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