What is so special about you?


Think about that question for a few seconds and notice the thoughts that come to the surface. “What’s so special about you?

After you have given it some thought, continue reading. I apologize in advance for the tone of this article. I am allowed to rant from time to time. I have my personal reasons.

So I ask: “what’s so special about you that you feel you deserve a different kind of treatment than the rest of the people?

What’s so special about you that you can’t wait in line like everyone else and feel that you should be ahead of everyone?

What’s so special about you that you feel the need to bully other drivers on the road, cut them off, so you can be ahead of them, when you clearly see traffic jam is for EVERYONE?

What’s so special about you that as soon as you make a request, it must be answered immediately?

What’s so special about you that if you walk into a room, everyone must stop what they are doing and pay attention to you?

What’s so special about you that you must interrupt someone’s story so that you can tell your own story?

What’s so special about you that you demand your needs be met according to when and how you desire, regardless of the circumstances or others’ desires?

What’s so special about you that others must sit there and listen to you talk non-stop about relevant or irrelevant topics, repeatedly bringing the attention back to you?

What’s so special about you? Why do you feel so entitled? What makes you think the world revolves around you? What kind of illusions are you telling yourself? What kind of reality are you living in? Where are your thoughts leading you?

I’m asking you. Yes. You. You know who you are. You, the one that causes problems everywhere you go and blame everyone else. The one that can’t seem to have peace in your life. You, the one who can’t seem to be happy no matter what you do. The one who keeps alienating people from you. Once they loved you, now they can’t stand the sight of you.

You never ask yourself why? You never try to look at the things you are doing that is contributing to your struggles and misery? It seems that you have decided long ago, that you are not to blame. It’s their fault. They are the stupid ones – but you are the smartest. They are the lazy ones – but you are the hardest working. They are the culprit, you are the victim. Everyone is out to get you, you are just innocent.

That’s the reality you have convinced yourself to be true. You created your delusional reality, and continue to live in it, expecting the rest to get with the program and live in your fantasy world.

I have news for you. That will not happen. Even if you succeed for a while, eventually, everyone will see you for who you truly are. And in the end, you will find yourself alone. That’s the only fitting outcome for someone like you. I am sorry to be saying this, but I just can’t imagine who would stick around to tolerate your sense of entitlement, outrageous demands and unrealistic expectations. For you, of course, that is perfectly normal. Keep convincing yourself of that.

Harsh? Yes. I know. But it’s what you need to hear. Do with it as you please.

Are you really special? Yes. You are a special human being. Every human being is special. Every person is unique. There is only one of you. Only you are who you are. Be special in that way. Not in an entitlement kinda way. No one is entitled to anything. No one is to be treated differently than the rest of us. We are all equal. Although I am sure you would like to beg to differ, feeling justified for your corrupted point of views.

Financial status does not make you better than your fellow man in any way. It simply gives you the opportunity to lead a different lifestyle, providing an opportunity to live different experiences than those less fortunate. Perhaps allowing you the chance to positively make a difference in the world if you choose to. That’s all there is to it. You can keep your money, watch it as it collects dust next to you. It will never bring you happiness. In the end, there will be no one around you for you to enjoy it with.

Educational titles, job titles and so forth, are all man-made scales that only create division and sense of superiority. When your soul leaves this body, it doesn’t take any of those titles or riches along.

Don’t fool yourself in thinking that you are better than anyone. No one has it all. It doesn’t exist. Nor does it need to be. This life is meant to be lived in unity, not in separation. Man has created separation, thus turning people into monsters. That’s why there is greed, selfishness, envy, judgment and entitlement. Don’t let yourself be absorbed by the false perception of happiness. Wake up and see that the only way to true happiness is to be true to yourself and to recognize who you are and why you are here.

It may take you sometime to get there. It’s not impossible. Just try. First, start by dropping the false ideals you have been living with. Change is possible if you allow yourself to see the truth. So what’s so special about you? Now that you see there is another life you can be living.

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