Was It You – Poem BY: Rania F.E.

You came… You left

My heart with you also left

Emptiness is all I feel

You were here, was it even real?


Was it really you I held

Was it really you I touched

Why do I feel it was a dream

Why do I think it was so unreal


Is that what it’s supposed to be

When you yearn for the one you need

Is that what I will forever feel

Whether you are far or near


Will I ever feel at peace

Without you it’s hell

With you it’s unreal

Will I ever be free from your spell

How can I stop this wheel


Rania F.E.


Tells the Story – Poem By: Rania F. E.


The scars on my fingers – says – how hard the work is
the roughness of my skin – says – how dry the air is
the throbbing of my feet – says – how standing for long is
the ache of my back – says – how heavy lifting is
the wrinkles on my face – says – how growing older is
the darkness under my eyes – says – how lack of sleep is
the expansion of my hips – says – how unhealthy dieting is
the sadness I feel – says – how away from home is
the trauma in my ears – says – how flying sick is
the grey in my hair – says – how stress is
the tears I cry – says – how being hurt is Continue reading

You Can’t Break Me – POEM BY: Rania F. E.


You can’t break me, even if you tried

I’m not to be broken no matter the sign

I talk from the heart, not from pride

Love my dear is the bottom line

I fear no more, I will not hide

Whether you like me or not I am fine

Try to change me, I won’t abide

This is your war, it is not mine

My existence is humbly fortified

You can’t break me, no matter how you tried.


Rania F. E.