Food for thought (85)

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to trade lives with someone else? Then you think about it and realize. You wouldn’t trade your own life with anyone. You want it just the way it is. Even if it’s f**** up. 

Food for thought (84)

Ever notice a couple’s behavior with regards to social media in the beginning of their relationship versus a year later. Things change don’t they? What happened to the spark? or did they just realize better to keep their life private!!

Food for thought (83)

There are people who don’t say sorry and you wish you could hear them say it. And there are those who say too much sorry that you wish they would not say it. Cause those who never say it makes you feel that they are not acknowledging your feelings. And those with too much sorry makes you feel it’s just a word they keep repeating to get themselves out of a situation. So it’s never really about you or your feelings. They are both bad. Actually they are both worse from one another. 

Food for thought (81)

Isn’t it funny, we are so quick to judge and tell the person infront of us: “you changed”, that’s when you get the answer: “so have you”. You catch yourself defending saying: “well, you didn’t expect me to stay the same forever!?!”  

So why don’t we accept that others will change too!!!

Why are we always quick to point out faults and changes in other people but we don’t see or admit our own! Just a thought.

Food for thought (80)

You know how we say: “listening to other people’s problems makes yours not so bad after all”. Well, while other people’s issues may be worse than yours, how does that make your issues any better?! It’s not like it disappears. You still have to deal with it. Just saying. 

Food for thought (78)

What if your girl/ boyfriend comes to you one day and says: “I love you, but I want you to know I was unfaithful to you just once”. Would you forgive her/him. Can you get over it? Does their honesty mean something to you? Or is it better that you never knew!!

Food for thought (75)

Why do we all say: it’s not the right time. Is it because we are afraid to face the consequences so we delay the inevitable. Or is it because we truly feel that the time has not come yet. The question is: when is it ever the right time?

Food for thought (74)

How many times did you think: “I will never talk to this person again”  Time passes, you end up talking again  and you ask yourself: “I wonder why this person is still in my life, even though I swore I would cut them off?”  Perhaps the lesson to be learned from this person being in your life is not done yet and perhaps you haven’t mastered the skill of living up to your word.

Food for thought (71)

Have you ever wondered: whenever you had troubles and trying times; if this was exactly what you were meant to go through, which will lead you ultimately to the road you are meant to take. And in your heart of hearts, you know it will be ok.