– Poem by: GJC Boyle



Where dose time really go once it has passed
Time is time
Is there such a thing as bad timing
Why does it fly when we are having fun
And slow down when we want it to fly
Can you answer me
Can you tell me why
Does time stand still
Time waits for no one
Travel in time machine
Does time ever take time out
Time rules the world
From the time we rise to the time we sleep
We are paid for our time
We pay to use someone else’s time
So time is money really
Time we spend together
A life time
We use time reading the times or time magazine
Can you tell me the time please
How many times would that have been said
Lunch time dinner time
My time your time
You are wasting time you are wasting my time
Killing time I don’t think so
We are running out of time
Race against time
Loosing time
Making up for lost time
A bit of overtime
Time to go

GJC Boyle

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