Never Will I Forget You – Poem BY: Rania F. E.

I just wanted you to know
The day is approaching for me to go
And when I do, it will be hard for you
Just remember I have those feelings too
I may not be saying the words
But damn it really hurts

I watch you do all that I dreamed of
I hear you say precious words of love
I never thought I would find you
In the moments I really needed you
There you were beside me all the way
Tell me now, what can I possibly say.

The words ‘I’m sorry’ can never be enough
For causing you pain and making it tough
Even ‘thank you’ is too little for you
There are just no words to say to you
Saying ‘goodbye’ will break me in two
That’s nothing compared to what it will do to you

I pray time will heal you
you deserve all the love in this world
As for me, I will always remember you
Never will I forget, your love got me swirled.


Rania F. E.

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