Food for thought (85)

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to trade lives with someone else? Then you think about it and realize. You wouldn’t trade your own life with anyone. You want it just the way it is. Even if it’s f**** up. 

EVERY TIME – Poem BY: Rania F. E.


Every time I see you

my heart beats a little faster

Every time I touch you

I melt evermore

Every time I think of this love

I’m full of laughter

Every time I think of this goodbye

I die a little more


I don’t know why I love you so

I don’t know how to stop the glow

I don’t know if I will ever know

Why I found you so


Perhaps the days will tell

Will I live in your heaven or in hell

For now I’m under your spell

Let me get cosy in our little shell


Rania F. E.


There is no other way I can describe Obsession, than being a disease; a vicious one at that. How does one get infected and is there a cure. Can someone one day realize that they are far gone in this disease and get help. Honestly, I think it’s hard. It’s like being OCD, one is never born as such. You develop it with time and it can worsen with age if you are not too careful and keep it under control. So can becoming obsessed, it is developed with time and it can definitely get worse.  Continue reading

Food for thought (84)

Ever notice a couple’s behavior with regards to social media in the beginning of their relationship versus a year later. Things change don’t they? What happened to the spark? or did they just realize better to keep their life private!!