The “Helping Others” Lesson

Do we understand the concept of helping others? Do we do it occasionally or is it part of our lives? Do we do it to get recognition or do we do it because we want to make a difference in someone else’s life? Why do you help someone? What are your intentions? And what motivates you? Do you ever ask yourself???

In your lifetime, you will come across those people who help others as it makes them look good. They score points by being generous and giving. They show off their charity in order to gain recognition or to win people’s hearts. I don’t want to judge those individuals as it is not up to me. Whatever they do, however they do it and whatever their intentions are; that’s their choice. It’s their life to live. All I can say is, I’ve seen it.

You will also find those people who like to make donations in order to get a receipt for tax exemption or deduction. It’s an investment these days. You donate and you get to benefit from it at the same time. Many businesses operate this way. Even individuals are thinking of donating as they calculate their yearly income at time of tax filing. Again, who am I to judge. I mean your good deed must count somehow. Whether your motivation was for a personal benefit or not, in the end, you are helping.

Then you will meet those who give humbly even when they are in need themselves. Those people you don’t hear about and you don’t hear from. They do their acts of kindness whole-heartedly, without expecting anything back, not even recognition. They do what they do and they love what they do. They get happiness from knowing they helped someone in need. They don’t hesitate to offer help when they see a need.  Their subconscious is working 24/7. They feel like they have to do something. They take on other people’s problems and sometimes forget their own. Those pure kind souls, you don’t find many of them these days, but they do exist.

Everyone has their own intentions when helping others. Some do it for their own gain in someway and some do it because they feel obligated, while others do it because they want to. And with that, comes your karma. What you do for others or to others, will come back to you. You don’t escape karma. Every good deed you do, it is not forgotten. Just because it does not return in the manner you wish or the time you need, it doesn’t mean the good you have done is lost. It can come back for your children when they are in need. Similarly, if you have done a bad deed, it too will come back to you or your children. You cannot escape karma no matter what. So be careful with your deeds, with your intentions; with your thoughts. Be good and help others in need any way you are capable. One day you may regret not doing what you could for others when you were in the position to do it. Because there always comes a day when you wish someone can help you. There is a saying in a foreign language that I will translate for you. It says: “do the good, and throw it in the sea”. It means do your good deeds and let it go; do it without expecting anything back. Do it for the sake of helping and that is it.

Not all acts of kindness revolves around giving money. Sometimes, it is by the little things you do for someone, by putting a smile on their face, by lending an ear to listen to someone’s problems, by giving up some of your time to volunteer to help the needy. Help is needed not only to the homeless or sick. Help is needed not only at Christmas and Easter. Help is required at all times, in all methods, everywhere in the world. It is unfortunate what humanity has reached to. So we need to be reminded sometimes. Those who have many blessings need to remember one thing, they could have had it worse. Therefore giving thanks and being grateful is not enough. It is important to give back to the world some of those blessings. No one has it all. No one has the perfect life. We were not created to be perfect or live perfect. We were created for a purpose. And it is to love one another. To love is to give.

So please, GIVE, when you can, GIVE with your heart, GIVE and let it go. Help those in need, make a difference by the little things you are capable of doing. Help your family, help your friends, help your neighbors; help the strangers on the street who have nobody. You never know, you may save someone’s life just by saying or doing a small thing one day. To that person, you may be that life line they were waiting for. I do not believe in coincidences. I do believe that I am in a particular place at a particular time because I am meant to help someone, somehow, someway. I just don’t know it yet. But it will come my way and I must be ready for it. I urge you to think about this. Let’s help each other. Let’s help make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time; one person at a time. Thank you for reading.

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