Practicality and Appropriateness

The more I get to see things in this life, the more I get to learn. Observing people’s behaviors and mannerisms has been a habit of mine for quiet some time. I do it not to judge, although I find myself doing just that – human nature – can’t help myself. But really, I want to understand the whys and how comes. I want to get inside peoples minds and hearts. I want to learn and I want to grow. And ultimately I will share those lessons with you, and maybe you are interested too. 

My topic today is mainly about being and not being practical in our thinking. And about behaving appropriately or not. Some of us have been raised with principles, morals and values to follow. Some of us were brought up in a religious environment. And some did not have any guidance, discipline or any direction. Some grew up without family. Some had only one parent. Some grew up in foster families while some in an orphanage. The point is, not Everyone here on this earth grew up in the same surrounding as society portrays.

Regardless of ethnicity, color or religion, we are all human beings coming from the same race. Our skin color may differentiate us but our beliefs may bring us together. By beliefs I mean the common way of thinking and behaving. We may all be from different cultures but as children sitting in one classroom, the teacher is explaining One common lesson for all. It is now up to us to learn it and apply it; or not.

It is true that some basic knowledge of life and learning how to behave, comes from our parents teachings. While some is from school. And others are learned throughout life. Then there is this thing that we call ‘common sense’. So we notice as adults that some people demonstrate lack of that knowledge. And we wonder why?

Some people do not know how to behave in public. And that is because they don’t know how to behave at home either. Some people didn’t learn what is appropriate to say or not say, do or not do. They act in public most probably as they act at home. We notice these things and immediately we judge these people and condemn their behavior. And without thinking for a second that there must be a reason why. Instead of correcting and teaching, we judge.

However, it is truly sad when people who grew up in a family environment that taught them manners, end up behaving foolishly and ignorantly. They say the stupidest things sometimes. And they don’t even realize they did. Sometimes you don’t know how to respond to these people. Do you embarrass them?  Do you make them feel bad about it? Or do you just let it go? Sometimes you wonder if these people have any common sense. Things that ‘should’ be a given to some, others are clueless about. C’est La Vie.

As for being practical, that requires someone to think. And unfortunately, there is lack of that as well. People don’t allow themselves to think. They seem to be on automatic mode. Thus things get complicated unnecessarily.

If only people used their brains more often, if only they opened their ears and eyes and noticed the brain wash and the lies. If only they remembered their roots and upbringing. If only they kept their morals and values. If only people were to realize we are all equal in the end. Our differences is our strength. And our ignorance is our weakness. Some expensive lessons to learn in this life.

And so we all go about our lives, moving in what seems to be like slow motion. Some laugh, some cry, some listen while some talk, some think while some act without thinking and some just don’t care about anything. If someone got hurt by what they said or did, oh well. That’s the life we live these days. Isn’t it sad!

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