Not Ready to Listen

What can you really do when the person you are talking to is not ready to listen. How frustrating this can be. You explain and you simplify and you express yourself in different ways and you pour your heart out, with no result. It’s like you are talking to a wall. Hell, by now the wall would have talked after all this effort. So why is this happening?

Simple … no matter what you do or what you say, the person is just not ready to listen. They have their ear plugs in, the blind fold on and they are happy like that. They choose to live in their little bubble, believing what they want. And the hell with everything else. Bliss, isn’t it. No it is not. People who refuse to listen to others’ point of views and are stuck in their own beliefs, that God knows where it originated from … those will never grow, because they are actually refusing to learn. And you only grow when you learn; when you correct yourself; when you make changes in your life.

Some people think that they know it all. Especially when you are in your twenties and possibly early thirties. If you are one of those people, I really feel sorry for you. If you truly believe that you can’t be wrong and that you don’t need to be corrected at times, then you are living in your own world and God be with you. If only you just stop being stubborn and open your heart and mind to receive guidance and knowledge, allow yourself to be vulnerable. If only you were to break down those walls that you barricaded yourself in; possibly listened to others from time to time. You will be amazed at how much you grow and how much you would love the journey you are taking.  That goes for those who are in their fifties and sixties as well.  For some, old age behavior start a bit early.  And sometimes comes along the belief that they know everything by now and they hate to be corrected. They take it personal that someone may be telling them to look at things in a different way or advise them to handle a situation in a different method.  The sad thing is, if they are stuck in those thoughts of absolute knowing and refusing to listen to others; then they are a lost cause.  Nothing and no one can change them.  It is all up to them unfortunately.

The reality is, you can not make someone listen to you. You can not make someone see their faults if they don’t want to admit it to themselves. Like this saying: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. So ever true; life has shown us the truth in that old saying. In fact, it is frustrating for most of us who have to deal with people who have imprisoned themselves in their own mind. You wish you could free them and let them enjoy the other side. But you can not. And you must accept it. You must accept it as part of your lessons to be learned. You can only try to show them the way; ultimately it’s their choice to take whatever journey they choose. And if their stubbornness starts to affect you, walk away from them. And if they return, then they are meant to be in your life. Meanwhile, you must accept that maybe they are not good influence in your life and you are better off without them.

It is not as easy though, when the person not ready to listen is a close family member. The decision to walk away from them has to be thought out tremendously. If it is really hurting you and your life, then take whatever necessary measures required to protect yourself but if their close-mindedness is only affecting them, then be patient as much as you can and be ready to support their growth when they are ready. Otherwise, let it go, just let it go because you stressing about it will not change a thing. You are only letting them drag you down. So don’t let that happen.

Every person must be ready to listen on their own time, ready to see things clearly, ready to face their fears and open up their hearts to the unknown. Once you are ready, things will just flow. You won’t need to make much efforts, it will all happen naturally. The first step has to take place before anything else; confront yourself, the rest, will follow.


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