What did I Learn?


I learned so much – yet – so much more to learn

One day I sat down and wrote all the things that came to my mind; all the things I believe I learned over the past twenty years of my life.  I appreciate all the experiences I have been through; good or bad.  It all led me to learning all the things I know today.  It shaped the person who I am now.  It is the foundation for what I am about to become.  I share these sacred lessons I learned with you because it was never meant for me to keep to myself.  It was meant to be read by you. So here it is:

I learned to love, to cherish, to forgive

I learned to be patient, to be humble, to be fair, to be careful, to be grateful

I learned to ask before assuming, to learn from my mistakes, to give unselfishly

I learned to have ambition, to go after my dreams

I learned to have faith in myself, to follow my instincts

I learned not to judge and not to take anything or anyone for granted

I learned not to hesitate to show affection

I learned not to give my heart completely and not to trust so easily

I learned not to ever give up and not to regret

I learned not to believe anything someone tells me and not to take things personally

I learned that expectations only let us down, that nothing and no one is perfect

I learned that it is okay to speak your mind and that it is okay to be different

I learned that I have to let go of the past and that I cannot change people

I learned that I have the right for my feelings and that life is not in my control

I learned that people are going to talk about me whether I like it or not; being good, bad, or indifferent

I learned that there are two main feelings that surround us: “LOVE & FEAR”

I learned that hope brings life, that happiness is within us, and that peace is possible

I learned that as innocent as children are, they can teach you a thing or two, do not be surprised

I learned that insecurity is not good for our soul

I learned that fear of the unknown causes us to panic too much

I learned that when you force something it will not happen because it is not the right time or place

I learned that true friends are very hard to find

I learned that people come in our lives for a reason or a season

I learned that if you let someone go, if they were meant for you they will return

I learned that “I” am my best friend, “I” have my best interest at heart and “I” need to create my own happiness

I learned that the mind plays tricks on us, do not underestimate the power of the mind

I learned that the society we live in; is in fact “the matrix”

I learned that we never stop wanting more and that the grass is always greener on the other side in our eyes

I learned that people are so quick to depend on each other and at the same time so quick to turn on each other

I learned that we set ourselves up for let downs and usually we know better

I learned that we stop ourselves from achieving the impossible because we believe it is so

I learned that we let our pride control our actions sometimes

I learned that we are scared to love, to live, to allow ourselves to just be

I learned that every race and every color is the same on the inside.

I learned that PEOPLE made life such a material world

I learned that I should share my wisdom and knowledge with others

I learned that it is important to be impeccable with my word

I learned that I have to do my best in life

I learned that I will fall, but I will rise again

I learned that I will get burnt, but I will heal

I learned that time is everything and that it is the greatest gift of all

I learned that life is nothing but a journey; either you enjoy it or despise it, either you ride it or let it ride you

I learned that a life with no hopes and dreams is a life with no meaning

I learned that I have to be proud with who I am no matter my shortfalls

I learned that I must forgive myself, I am not meant to be perfect

I learned that when I give, I must give from my heart and not expect back

I learned that karma really does exist

I learned that if I let it all go in God’s hands, it will all work out the way it was meant to be anyway

I learned that I am here at this time, in this place, in that family, with those friends, in this job, in this lifetime because it is my destiny

I learned that I must never refuse to learn more because knowledge is in fact wisdom

I learned that:

If I love, I must show it

If I fear, I must overcome it

If I fall, I must get back up

If I win, I must give thanks

If I die, I must not question: “why”


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