Is It Love

Yet another love article. Another one among many already posted and perhaps more to come. As long as we are alive, we will keep wondering, pondering and trying to understand the big L word. We can’t help ourselves. We are always questioning. We crave to find answers so we can find peace. Some of us can’t get out of bed, while some can’t function a day, others won’t be able to focus – not until we reach to some sort of conclusion in our minds about why, how and what we feel, where it’s leading us and what actions should we take moving forward. We are questioning constantly … Is it love? Continue reading


I dedicate this post to my late Grandmother who passed about a year ago. I write this while I am still somewhat in shock that she is really gone. You would think after one year, the shock factor would not exist anymore. Perhaps I am not using the right words to describe how I feel. Maybe it is disbelief and somewhat of denial with a little bit of anger and whole lot of pain. Let’s not forget to mention some guilt while we are at it. Continue reading

Heartfelt Inspirations 12

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

In terms of happiness, expect everything from yourself, and nothing from others. It’s the best way to reach it while avoiding deceptions at the same time, and, who knows what surprises you might encounter on the way.

Herve Desbois

Heartfelt Inspirations 11

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

Life in itself cannot give you joy, unless you truly want it. Life gives only time and space. It’s up to you to fill it.


Heartfelt Inspirations 10

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

There is great wisdom in knowing how to be content with what we have, or more precisely, to rejoice from it, but there is also great wisdom in preserving what we have and making it grow and bear fruit.

Herve Desbois

Heartfelt Inspirations 9

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

The cream of enjoyment in this life is always impromptu. The chance walk; the unexpected visit; the unpremeditated journey; the unsought conversation or acquaintance.

Fanny Fern

Heartfelt Inspirations 8

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

Dreams, dreams, and more dreams. They say they are the seeds of Life. I believe it. And those who don’t believe it, or who have stopped believing it may be a little dead already.

Herve Desbois

Heartfelt Inspirations 7

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

Always look for the answer within yourself. Do not let yourself be influenced by those who surround you, or by their words.

Eileen Caddy

Heartfelt Ispirations 6

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

It is our ineptitude to see things as they are that most often prevents us from seeing the simplest and most reasonable solutions.

Herve Desbois

Heartfelt Inspirations 4

Book: Heartfelt Inspirations – Joy and Happiness BY Herve Desbois

Some hurt you because they are tactless, while others do it with full knowledge of it. Help the former to mend their ways and distance yourself from the latter.

Herve Desbois

Living Out My Purpose

I write this piece in total inspiration. It all happened while I was in the shower, the hot water spraying on my back. I dived under the water with my head and it all came flooding through. I knew I had to put these thoughts down on paper as soon as I was done. Here I am sharing my inspired thoughts. Continue reading

Corona Effect – positives & negatives Part 4

Reflection time:

This is a time to assess and reflect. You have been given a golden opportunity, one that doesn’t come by often. It is here for you. Yes YOU!! It’s not here for your neighbor or your friend only. It’s here for everyone on this planet at the same time. Some people have been going through these moments of reflection on their own pace and time. Some, avoided it because they are too afraid of what they will find. Which one will you be? Are you the one that will shrug it off and keep going on your path? Or are you the one that will finally stop and pay attention to the signs staring you right in the face? Which one are you going to be? Continue reading

Corona Effect – positives & negatives Part 3

Undeniably, I have been shaken after listening to projections regarding the predicted cases of COVID-19 and the anticipated death tolls. But then I realized, what good would that do? Will it change anything? Besides, why panic about what could happen, when it has not yet happened. I refuse to allow these projections to cause me anxiety. I stay true to what I believe and that is to stay focused on the positive while merely being aware of our reality. Continue reading

Does it get easier?

It’s been a while since I heard your voice or saw your face. I guess I’ve been distracted with life and all it’s craziness. I thought I was getting stronger and able to hold my emotions together. Not until I accidentally came across a recording you addressed to me one day. As soon as I heard you call my name, I burst into tears. Continue reading