If you knew today was your last day

We have seen movies with those stories, we have heard songs with those lyrics, we have heard people repeating those words whether serious or joking. Truly, what a thought it is. If we were to be serious for a minute, think about it … what would you do if today was your last day ever. 

What would be your first thoughts, after getting angry, sad, scared and all those emotions that anyone would naturally feel. Would your thoughts start to wonder about who you love the most and how much you will miss them. Will you feel worry about those people you love whom you have to leave behind. Will you think about things in life that you loved and enjoyed? Will you desire to have those things before you die. Are you going to wish you had more time to do the things you wanted to do.

Perhaps, your thoughts would go down a spiritual path and you wonder if you were ready for death. Are you ready for your judgment day? Are there things you wish you can do in your last moments. Are there wrongs you need to make right. Are there people you need to forgive, or people you need to ask forgiveness from. Are you at peace with yourself. Are you regretting something you said or something you did?  Would you allow yourself to have some alone moments or would you want to be around people you love every second left.

Truly, what would you do, how would you think, and how would you feel?

I don’t think anyone can predict their behavior at such a moment. Whatever you are thinking you might do, you probably won’t do any of it. Because no one can ever know how they will react at a defining moment as such.

But what I can tell you, is most of us will never know their last day. When that moment comes, there will be no warnings. There will be no chances to make things right. There will be no time to make that phone call, to say that ‘sorry’, or ‘I love you. There will be no time to sing, to laugh, to dance. No time to wear your favorite outfit, to use your chinaware, to eat that chocolate. You will not have any time to go to travel and have these valuable experiences. You will not have time to start thinking and acting on what service you can do to make this world a better place. You may not be aware of who you wronged in your lifetime. And will never have the chance to correct anything. Because when your time is up, it is up. No alarm will go off, no reminder will beep on your phone and no letter will come in your mail.

So you know what to do. Do all the above things mentioned before it is too late; before your time is up. Live your life each day as if it were your last. Don’t postpone what needs to be said or what needs to be done. Say it now, and do it now because all you have is NOW. Tomorrow may never come. So live as if you knew today was your last day alive.

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