NEW YEAR Special Edition

The end of the year is very near. And here we are reflecting back on the year that passed. Most of us will be saying the same thing:”I just want this year to finish and hope next year will be better”. While there is nothing wrong in wishing for a better year ahead with better luck and better life and to finally have the happiness we have been searching for since forever, isn’t it fair to give thanks to all that has happened in the year that passed. How many of us actually do that? Continue reading


What is a risk? Why do we risk? And what kind of impact does risk have on our lives? Is there a safe way to take risks?

On a day-to-day basis, I say we each take some sort of risk in everything we do.  A risk is an unknown outcome to an event.  We take risks when we say or do something.  We even take risks when we don’t say or do something. Continue reading


Let’s start by asking -What is happiness???

Another question comes to mind: “how do you know when you are happy?”

Two very important questions – let’s see if we can explore some ideas, maybe we will find an answer or maybe we will decide to reach an answer that would comfort us and put us at ease.  Maybe, just maybe, there isn’t one answer – maybe everyone’s opinion on the subject is a valid answer.  Better yet, what if the answer is the question itself? Continue reading