Just a thought

Are your emotions leading you?

For me – I am usually led by my emotions. When I didn’t know any better, I felt stupid for being so emotional and saw it as a flaw in my character. Others pointed out to me the same and I believed them.

Now, I embrace my emotion and sensitivity. Now I understand more about myself because I educated myself. I am an empath and there is nothing shameful about that. My emotions allow me to be the compassionate, kind, giving person I am. And I wouldn’t want to be any different.

As for making decisions, well, I found that a balance of emotions and mind works best. Everyone must find their comfortable point. Everyone has their own scale. Do what feels right for you – not what others think you should do. After all, it is your life. It is your emotions. Let it lead you to where it may. Embrace it and you will know how to work with it. I did.

How about you? What’s your stance on your emotions these days?

Just a thought

When can you see yourself saying: “I am satisfied. I have done it all.”

For me – I do not foresee myself ever saying these words. I am always striving to better myself, learn something new, making things happen, serving others, making a difference in this world. There will always be something I can do, even when I am older – at least that’s how I see it now.

What about you?

Just a thought

What is love?

For me – love is something I can never do justice by describing. Love is a feeling inside me that exists whether I pay attention to it or not. Love is a state of being. Love is a way of life. Love is giving. Love is forgiving. Love for me, is how I interact in the world day by day, minute by minute. Love is my existence.


What is love for you?

Just a thought

What do you think it means when you say: “I can sleep tonight with a clear conscious”?

For me – it means I have done everything I can to stand by my values and principles. My conscious is clear when I know whole heartedly, I did not set out to hurt another person. For me it is certainty in being the person I am in every way possible.

What does it mean for you?