Who Said?

Apparently, as we assess our accomplishments from last years goals and New Years resolutions, we are supposed to see where we went wrong and correct it in the new year. We are supposed to do better and try to change in the new year. Someone tell me again, why are we carrying with us the same unfulfilled goals from last year / years into the new one?? Does that even make any sense? Who said we are supposed to correct what we did and change ourselves? Who said? Continue reading


What is the most important thing in our lives? I mean if we had to choose, which will it be?

Some of you might start thinking: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Wife, Husband and most of all God.  And these are all valid answers. According to the life we live, I ask you, is there something that we, as humans, pay more attention to and is programmed by?

Yes there is ….. it is TIME!!! That’s right … Time Continue reading