Are you listening?

Sometimes people don’t listen to you. It could be because they don’t want to, perhaps they are not ready for grasping what you have to say. Or it could be they can’t; meaning, something is preventing them from listening and understanding at this point in time. They can be distracted or simply their mental capability is not helping them. And so the question is not are they hearing you, but are they listening to what you are saying? Are they paying attention to the meaning behind the words. Are you listening! Truly listening! Ask yourself.  Continue reading

Food for thought (86)

How much control does the big boss really have?  How much can he really do? Does he even get to know all the right facts? Or is he making decisions based on what he is told? Makes you wonder who is really in power? The boss or the small guy or the middle man?? I wonder. 

Men and their dirty games

Let me start by saying, both men and women can play dirty games in relationships. They both make mistakes. There are good men out there but there is also bad. There are bad women out there just as good. But today, I would like to focus on one particular kind; the bad men or should I say, the men that like to play games for various reasons, be it their personality type or trying to be cool or simply just not ready for commitment.  Continue reading

Is it tiredness or laziness

It is easy to confuse our thoughts with our feelings. It is common practice to find reasons and or excuses as to why we do or do not do certain things. Some say it’s a cop out. And some say it’s totally normal. And so have you wondered which one is really the case or you really don’t care. In the case of not doing what needs to be done. Do you say “I’m just tired” or do you actually admit it and say “I’m just being lazy”.  Continue reading

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Quote from Taare Zameen Par Movie

“Caring. It’s very important. It has the power to heal. Like a balm that soothes pain. The child feels reassured that someone cares for him. An occasional hug, a loving kiss just to show that I really care. “My child I love you.” “If you have any troubles come to me.” “So what if you slipped messed up? I’m there for you.” That assurance. Caring.”

Caring – Quote


Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Book: The Scarlet Letter

Year: 1850

Quote: “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

Book Quote #3