Food for Thought (37)

How can you fall in love when you are so afraid of falling again? At what point do you say: “It is worth taking the risk with my heart again”  Do you ever wonder?

2 comments on “Food for Thought (37)

  1. It has only been over the past 10 years that I’ve consciously kept my guard up. I was single/dating for 8 years after divorcing my wife of 14 years when i met someone who truly turned my life around. After 4 years that marriage ended as well. Three years later I met a girl who I truly wanted to get to know, as she came into my life in a whisper that, yet again woke up a guarded heart. When her true colors came out, she left as quickly as she had come. Now, I am truly tired, and am facing the idea that I may end up staying single for the rest of my life, by choice. I am nearly done with it. Yet – I do wonder – when the next awakening of a sleeping heart will come.


  2. I’ve been asking myself a similar question. 15 months ago I met someone whom I thought I would grow old with. Her leaving tore me up so much that I don’t think I can give my heart away again. Right now it feels as if I don’t have a heart.


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