Food for thought 10

Sometimes Life brings you back to the point where you started. On the surface it seems that you did nothing. Even people may look at you; as if you are nothing. How do you overcome that? Do you give in, do you fight it or do you rise above it?

Food for thought 8

Who do you turn to when things get tough? Who do you call first? Who do you know you can count on – no matter what? Cherish this person but don’t hold on too tight.

Food for thought 6

If nature brings us happiness. And if nature is where we feel our best. Then why are we cutting down trees and changing our landscape in order to create tall buildings!!

Food for thought 5

We tend to focus our thoughts on the things we don’t like. And we often continue to have poisonous and negative people in our lives. Yet we expect our lives to be smooth and uncomplicated? How in the world can you? The answer is obvious; is it not?

Food for thought 4

Our high expectations lead to our worst disappointments. When are we gonna learn to stop expecting?? When are we gonna be realistic? And when are we gonna learn to be human and treat others as such?? “When” Is the big question?????

Food for thought 3

You want to change your life, but something is always holding you back.  You analyze, calculate, plan and you repeat the process. Fear has taken over your life. You can’t make a decision. You are damned if you do – and damned if you don’t.  What should you do? Do you stay or do you go? Will you ever have guts to take action or will you sit asking those endless questions?

Food for thought 2

Have you ever been in a situation where someone seeks your advice with relationship issues, you genuinely try to help them and then comes a third party, gets involved with the ‘intention’ to help; but then knocks down half of what you said and in the end says: ‘you do what’s comfortable for you’. What can you say or do at this point except walk away from this whole thing.

Food for thought 1

So the new year comes and while it’s nice to receive all kinds of messages, pictures and videos with best wishes, hopes and dreams for the new year; don’t you find, it gets out of hand and is a bit OVER the top?! Does it get to you after a while?? Just wondering.

Food for thought (93)

Why do we get stuck into believing that there is only one way to get something done? Why can’t we totally surrender to God; to the divine, to the greater power we KNOW exists, no matter the label we choose. Why?

Food for thought (92)

Wouldn’t it be better to get a divorce if you tried all you can to make it work? YOU actually think that it is better not to – for the sake of the children? Don’t you think it is the other way around? Wouldn’t it be healthier for both of YOU and your CHILDREN? Don’t you think it will help you become better parents if you separated? Why do you do this to yourself? What are you afraid of? Whose voice are you listening to? What does your inner voice tell you? Why do you care about other people’s opinions? Who matters here? Take the time and reflect.  Follow your heart!