Sometimes what you need is not what you want. And what you want is not what you need. To solve this puzzle is to search within yourself to understand who you truly are. Same statement, same words, different meaning. What you understand out of this statement may very well be a whole different thing from what another understands. Why is that? Continue reading

Sweep Under The Rug

A term used to describe the way we handle issues sometimes by actually not dealing with it and pretending it’s not there or that it will get fixed on its own. Too much too handle; sweep it under the rug. Too afraid to face the reality; sweep it under the rug. Too terrified of the outcome; sweep it under the rug. Too difficult, too embarrassing, too whatever you are thinking of, the only thing you are doing is just pretending the problem does not exist and sweep sweep sweep. One day, the rug will be so high and unbalanced from all the dust you stowed under. The only thing you are really doing Continue reading